The Road Accidents -An unending saga

This has really became obnoxious to read news of daily accidents.Precious lives being lost and many others being haunted by reckless driving.We are at the helm of the road rage.
Few days back i read an emotional article by a software engineer girl who lost her only brother while crossing the road.He was struck by a Mercedes being driven by a minor.Who issued license against that minor?.Why repeated drunken driving not being thwarted?.
Traffic rules, policing , issuing of licenses have all been adjusted as according to ones need without realizing its blunders and the ill fate.Situations are far better in metropolis and other big cities. But picture is really bleak and panicking in smaller cities. How the rules are being flouted and how we ourselves make the mockery of the whole system can no where be seen better.
What a great scene when whole road gets blocked by the buses waiting for the passengers!!.At the other corner huge pile of waste.It becomes hard to find which path to go.All the more interesting is the auto journey where the driver plays the music in full volume and passengers loaded like luggage encountering stray animals and passengers shouting,” Arrey bhai dheeme ka volume dheeme karo” But unfortunately every time the plea falls on deaf years.
Sharing my own experience once been in overloaded auto caught by the police officials for challan. In the mean time one police official came and asked auto driver to give only RS 300 and he would not be issuing challan. All the more fascinating was the remark by the police official,” chalo bhai jao ek saal tak tumse koi kuch nahi bolega”…..and the auto moved on.
Such funny incidents happen only in India.This may not be the case of each city of India but i am dead sure it happens in most of the cities.” Jaan ko hatheli par rakh kar ghoome ko ham apni bahaduri samajhtein hain to ye hamari moorkhta hai”(If we feel bravery keeping our lives at peril then this is sheer foolishness and nothing else.)
Every time one becomes a partner of the deep discussions over this trying to blame every thing on the administration and government.We keep flouting the rules and every time blame government for the same. Is this fair?.Is this an honest behavior on our part?.Do we not have any allegiance to such mishappening?.
Yes, we do have.Lets start by our little efforts.Why do not we refuse to sit on overloaded autos and other vehicles.Why do not we see and check the license ourselves before taking any ride on these public vehicles.It all seems foolish but some day this foolishness may prove a great refuge for all of us.In smaller cities one hardly bothers to put helmets for drive.Tripling in two wheeler is common.
What to say more?.Any law is null if not implemented.The onus of implementation lies on us.The success of any system depends on the support system.The support system are we only.This would require a little awareness, perseverance, a committed living and shared responsibility.
We have lost enough now we can not afford to lose more. An internal awakening is needed and we will have to pave the way for a more safe and secure living.One who understands the sorrow of others as his very own.A little compassionate heart, a little awareness , a little will to change the system by becoming a part of it may certainly bring a big transformation.


If one can address moral crisis,many of world’s problems can be solved

Acknowledging the tremendous fruitful technological development of the world is indeed a privilege. But introspection reveals that despite all these developments the world is haunted by the monsters of terrorism, war, communalism, regionalism, sectionalism.Some sections are thriving under extreme poverty,farmers have to bear the brunt of adverse climatic conditions the most often forcing them to commit suicide in wake of deplorable conditions. Another wide ranging problem of women harassment, rape, dowry deaths are crying for our attention.

True development encompasses every aspect of human development where loss of morality can not be negated. What i think the root cause of all these problems is moral degradation.

The unending race for more power, dominance and prestige has taken the world to the stage of violent wars of terrorism.Every now and then the television flashes with the news of terror sometimes in our country India and foreign creating dreadful feeling of fear and an uncertain future.

Moreover the whole human civilization is under severe threat.A bigger picture of problem which needs a bigger vision and a bigger perspective.Because the roots of terrorism are getting quite deeper.Various countries have their own measures to curtail such problems. But some where we are all at fault in finding the right solution perhaps these measures often violent are further propagating terrorism depriving innocent people of their life and creating an uncontrolled chain reaction.

Mother India is too distressed by the disrespect of daughters, mothers, wives sometimes for dowry, sometimes for preserving false honor. Rising cases of rape and objectifying women is indeed very unfortunate. Ravan got the punishment of death sentence by Lord Rama for his sin but today lax law and order , delayed trials and judgement further aggravating the problems of injustices meted to her.

The gap between rich and poor is also pitiable.Recent incident of a man in Orissa carrying the dead body of his wife on foot for funeral with his bitterly crying daughter presents the picture where one is bound to think for dismal situation of sensitivity and very concern for others.Is this civilization or barbarism?. All the facilities and convenience are meant for rich ones leaving the weaker ones to the place where they are is putting several queries of us being humane.

Corruption in service delivery and dilapidated condition of government institutions is mere reflection of obsessive interest to gather more and more money and filling the individual pockets only. Where has gone the vision of commitment and devotion for work?.Why have the people become so myopic?.

Teaching of Vedas and mythological stories have been forgotten. Fetish for money and power has made quite every one blind and those who are becoming part of it by bribing the officials are too strengthening the roots of corruption.

Although the problems are severe but each problem whether national or international too has a prominent solution.Because the onus lies on us the humans being the superior ones.

We need to address the problem of moral degradation which is at the root of every problem.Our soul is needed to be nourished as we are loving and peaceful beings having a genuine concern for others by nature but what caused all these qualities to be shadowed and laying numb.The frustration of non performing and false show of to be blamed. We have forgotten to admire the qualities of honesty, good will, companionship, compassion, magnanimity inclined for serving self interest only.

Recalling the ideals of socialism and mitigating the differences between rich and poor can solve the problem to a great extent.Because inferiority complex and inability to succeed due to lack of resources and opportunities breeds discontent leading youths to deviate in wrong direction.

The family is the first school where the child learns ideals which is to be nurtured throughout their life.The morality is never taught but practiced so parents should themselves become role models for their children by inculcating ideals of honesty, discipline and compassion in their life. If they see father being respectful towards his wife and seeking her advice in taking decisions. The children would definitely develop a feeling of respect towards mothers, sisters, wives. Girls should be treated at par and there should be no gender bias. If given a proper platform India may evolve so many PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik in near future.

International agencies like United Nations should made the world realise the extreme damage caused by moral crisis.Strict actions must be taken against those who adopt the path of terror and violence.The world must realize that no religion is above humanity and we may transcend to a wonderful world of peace if behave morally true.
International Yoga day is a corrective measure in this direction as meditation introduces one with the real self which is loving, peaceful and spiritual. Overemphasis o superficial development may be checked by following the path of meditation and checking ones thought process.

The power of thoughts is tremendous if directed properly may do wonders but if misguided may bring devastation.It is now in our hands to create hell or heaven.
It is collective responsibility to strengthen the moral foundations of society as a whole without which any development is incomplete.Any problem howsoever big can be successfully tackled by strong moral foundations as moral values strengthen the will power and invincible wit which is true companion in hard times.And as it has rightly been quoted by some one…


Earth, Water, Fire, Sky and Air are five vital constituents through which body is made.
Fire has light and energy, both vital for sustenance of life. As a plant grows well receiving sunlight for carrying out photosynthesis but the same plant gets finished on receiving extra sun light. A new born baby is being shown to sun’s rays in the early morning for the vitamin D and for a healthy baby but increased intensity of sun rays leads to tanning and skin cancer. Fire is a good servant but a bad master indeed.
Fire brought significant transformation in the lives of people in the ancient time. When people used to wander here and there in search of hunting animals for food, The fire produced by accidental rubbing of CHINKARA STONES by them helped them to live a stable life. They started cooking and gradually started rearing animals. They also learnt to shape different metal equipment with fire which ultimately been used in agriculture and pottery with the help of fire, all this led to advancement in their life. They advanced towards a more civilized life. In the Vedic era people used to perform Yagya( religious ritual) which holds a significant importance in present times too.
Fire is essential for carrying out metabolism in human beings , photosynthesis in plants and for sustaining the life cycle of every creature on earth. Electricity, transport, communication all has been made possible due to fire only. Most significantly we are able to realize the beauty around us through light .
Moreover there is one more dimension of fire, fire of passion, aspirations and achievements. The belly needs to be ignited with fire of ones passion to improve and succeed. This is fueled by ones commitment, determination, devotion and dedicated efforts.
Fire which is needed for growth is equally responsible for devastation and playing havoc if go uncontrolled. Recent forest fires of Uttarakhand is a glaring example, where animals and human life is adversely affected due to the heavy fire. Light is essential to see but how the increased intensity makes us to shrink eye ball and evading its harmful effects.
While cooking food one has to remain conscious for the limited supply of LPG and check its leakage to ensure a safe food preparation. If fire gives life, it is equally responsible for taking it if go uncontrolled. Few years back in Delhi a full movie auditorium caught fire and this accident took all lives present in the auditorium leaving a great pain for relatives and the society as a whole behind.
Increased intensity of sun’s rays which has been caused due to increased emission of carbon dioxide and chloro fluoro carbons is responsible for enhanced global warming. The fire for material development must be complemented by judicious use of our natural resources. Again if go unchecked this may lead to severe environmental hazards recent drought, delayed Monsoon, unpredictable weather, endangering animal species. Ecological balance is under threat due to uncontrolled fire for superficial development and pleased putting the future of humanity at stake.
Burning of crackers in the festivities of temple in South took some lives and injured many recently under the veil of religious ceremonies. Such incidents need to be checked because religion never teaches us to keep the lives in danger and harm society under its ambit.
Nevertheless the fire of passion is necessary for cherishing ones aspirations but this should be fueled by good moral values and etiquettes for the greater good of humanity. The fire to achieve must be nurtured by a proper counselling and direction. Recent suicide by a girl who qualified in IIT but wanted to pursue humanities is really an unfortunate incident. If this fire is driving the youths to suicide and depressions then surely we need to put a question mark on such fire of passion.
Such extreme steps reflect the sick mindset of youths. Either they are thriving under wrong fire or they do not have that fire. But a girl who got selection in IIT had that fire in her. What led her to take such step?. These issues must be resolved amicably.
Fire needs to be moderated to get the desired results. We can not blame fire for any cause as it is the same fire which sustains life effectively. But the onus lies to one who controls it. If we give a matchstick or a cracker in a child’s hand, it will surely burn him. One needs to be cautious and conscious while dealing with it. Cooking adds taste to the food but overcooking spoils it. Everything is wonderful till is follows necessary norms. Weeds have to be plucked out which grow unnecessarily on the field and sucks the nutrition of the main crop. Dyeing clothes with different colors require controlled fire, ironing of clothes again require uniform temperature and need to be adjusted as according to the variety of cloth. All the beauty of stars present in the sky vanishes before the excessive sun light in the day but how wonderfully they appear in the sky at night again. Planet Mercury has no life only because it is too close to Sun and Neptune too as very far from Sun extremely cold. Nuclear fusion source of Sun’s energy , if goes uncontrolled brings devastating results. Balance and checks are utmost necessary for propelling wholesome growth.


When Smile Pinky movie got international award and pinky a small girl born with cleft lips got international recognition. Many children started admiring the fate she has and dreamt about them to be there some day. Its an apt quote that the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence always. As in this case everyone recognized the fame she got but never even thought even once about the trauma of being born with cleft lips. Its common tendency to consider others in a better position which takes one away from accepting the reality.
This quote holds much importance in today’s highly competitive world. It takes the form of an excuse for being a defaulter, a loser, procrastination and assuming a false satisfaction. When one outperforms others there are hardly few individuals who realize ones acumen, hardships and struggles . When one country grows economically the onus is put to its rich resources and its geographical position commonly. The analysis of this topic would help resolving the cause of failure and help building a strong relationship which grows with understanding , concern and a pure sense of belonging. This holds much importance in the present era of globalization too .
We are heading towards a more competitive world gradually. Competition to attain a decent standard of living. There is huge pressure of performance and excellence. Education term is getting confined to the brimming coaching institutes these days. There are rare examples who excel without taking any coaching but if they, we often hear the comments about him/her to be god gifted. That comment of god gift itself take that person to be in better position from all others who have not been the God’s favorite.
But is this geuine? Can any progress be brought without honest efforts?. The answer is complete no. Individuals try to shield their mistakes by uttering such comments. If one keeps eyes on others only for being in a more privileged position he would end up getting nothing. As gradually this comment would become an innate characteristic of the personality. He will escape from working hard and facing the grim realities.
It is always easier to see the brighter side of the picture. How simply do we enjoy seeing movies in auditorium or homes taking popcorns and beverages. We dream for the silver screen life. As their famed life seems better and convenient. But there is huge difference in what appears and the reality. The long tiring work schedule and spice free foods , working at times of ill health too. Moreover these filmstars are not free to move like us, always surrounded by body guards. They do not even take much time for themselves. They can not afford to skip their hard gym schedules even once. Life is indeed tough.
It takes an exra mile for getting healthy, wealthy and famous. Ask any business tycoon, civil servant , doctors, engineers that life is not a cup of tea merely. With growing position in the society the responsibility grows. If one is competent enough to hold the responsibility gracefully then he will continue to earn fame and wealth. There is a direct relationship between wealth and fame. Only comes to those who consistently work for that instead of being complacent of their past achievements.
Abraham linkan US first president and many only know about the powers he hold while remaining to the coveted place but how many of us know about the hardships he went before that?. He lost his wife in an early age, lost the election to the legislature many times, undergone depression and met with so many drastic failures but he could gather strength to fight back and emerge a true winner.
The tendency to consider others in a better position is dubious and far from the reality. Everyone has to maintain a place in the society by sincere efforts only ,there is no short cut to success because lessons learnt from downfalls and failures are precious for learning and advancing.
This holds true in the success of any nation too. We may take the examples of Japan and Singapore how successfully these nations build their rapport by judicious use of natural and human resources. Japan was crippled due to explosion of atom bomb in the second world war. Singapore earlier was a part of Malaysia after being excluded from it , it set new parameters of advance economy and success. Success has no set definition and it can never be put to judgement by others.
Those who are categorizing and are being judgmental are getting biased towards themselves only. As a perfect demarcation of success may never be done. Scathing bad remarks for underperforming governance and inflation has become the common trend these days. We think as they have necessary authority they should work for curbing inflation and welfare. Often people comment if I would have been in that position , I would have certainly done so many things but again it is partially true as getting to the top needs perfect balance which is really hard.
Every time when we see others success and happiness. We must try to realize the very road map filled with troubles and turbulence and also adhere the patience and perseverance shown for getting success. Only then one must get the holistic picture. The grass is not always greener but one must consistently nourish it with water and nutrients to make it greener and lively. There are genius individuals but they too have to put efforts and pass the examinations. All of us may not aspire to become a genius, but there is no reason we should not try to aim for the best that we can produce. We end up comparing our marks with others in the examination of life without giving a thought that each one has a different question paper.


Shanaya’s father runs leather industry. She is a research scholar doing research on labor reforms in India. Once she visited the industry with her father as she had some queries to be asked from the employees there. She became utmost happy to see the state of affairs and positive answers from the employees regarding their working conditions, skill training ,enhancing knowledge base, perks and packages and redressal of grievances .Perhaps this was a fabricated picture which she received but she had to go there without telling after few days and she was stunned to see the real picture. All the employees were on strike demanding fair pay and regulation of working conditions. They were made to work for extra hours without any benefits. Even leaves were hardly granted and they had to use the washrooms which were not being cleaned for many days. No social security and the situation was really dismal.
As she was leading protagonist of labor reforms. She promised to talk regarding all these sorry affair of states to his father, where she had a deep discussion regarding labor reforms and its role in economic development with his father where she left no stone unturned in letting his father realize the importance of employees welfare.
In the evening she went to her father to meet him pretending she does not know anything about the industry.
Shanaya- Papa, as you know I have to complete my theses by the end of the month ,I want your view points regarding importance of labour reforms , its importance?
Father-Its indeed a pleasure Shanaya to have a discussion with you regarding labor reforms in India..
Shanaya -My first question to you, what is labor reform?
Father- Shanaya labor reform has wide connotations .It means taking steps to increase production, productivity, employment opportunities in the economy while protecting overall interest of labour.
Shanaya-What do you mean by overall interest of labour?
Father-It means skill development, retraining, redeployment, updating knowledge base, enhancing leadership skills. labor Reforms also include labour laws reforms.
Shanaya-May I know about acts regarding labor reforms in the past ? As I know about recent reforms. Acts reinstated in the past would help me to do a comparative study and conclude better.
Father-Ok Shanaya let me tell you some of the very important acts –
1.Wages boost the morale of the employees .Art 43 ensures right to living wage and conditions of work ensuing a decent standard of life. So wage regulation becomes utmost important.
Payment of Wages Act 1936-Under this act, employees should receive wages on time and without any unauthorized deductions. Section 6 requires that people are paid in money rather than in kind.
Trade Union Act 1926—It provides for registration of trade union of employers and workers.It confers legal and corporate status on registered trade unions.
Minimum Wages Act 1948-For fixing/revising minimum rates of wages for employment. The minimum rates of wages also include special allowance, Variable Dearness Allowance which is revised twice a year linked to Consumer Price Number.
Payment of Gratuity Act 1972-Paid to establishments which have more than 10 employees. Gratuity is paid to employees if he or she resigns or relieves .
Payment of Bonus Act 1965- It applies to enterprises involving up to 20 employees.Bonus being paid as according to the productivity of the employees. The minimum bonus of 8.3% is payable by every industry and establishment under the section 10 of the act.
The Contract labour ( Regulation and Abolition ) Act,1970- A contract labour is a person who is hired,supervised,contracted and remunerated by a contractor ,who ,in turn is compensated by the user enterprise.The concern to improve the working and living conditions of contract labour and the Supreme Court of India’s observations in the case of standard vacuum refinery company Vs their workmen,resulted in the enactment of this act.
Shanaya-Yes papa thanks for telling me all this now I would like to add my share of knowledge regarding recent reforms like Shram Suvidha portal ,under this government would allot Labour Identification number to nearly 6 lakh firms providing e-filling of annual returns by the employees
UAN ( Universal Account Number Scheme)-for all provident Fund contributors which will allow portability and online tracking of PF benefits.
Random Inspection Scheme-To bring transparency in labor inspection.
Apprentice Protsahan Yojana-will support manufacturing units by reimbursing 50% stipend paid to apprentices during first two years of their training
Revamped Rashtriya Swasthya bima yojana, Protocol on trafficked child labour, Protection of the interest of women workers, Equal remuneration act( 1976),social security schemes insurance and medical benefits, and development of necessary skills under skill India programme.
Father- Shana, there are too many legislations regarding protection of employers indeed. May you please tell me the role of these labor reforms in economic development.
Shanaya- Yes papa changing labor rules to make it less rigid, a country may create more jobs, reduce the duration of unemployment, increase productivity and ultimately achieve economic growth. Most economically successful countries all have flexible labor regimes and vice versa. Even humane and just conditions of working act as motivating factor on employees to work efficiently and boosting overall productivity.
Father-Thanks Shanaya for making me aware of all these things and now I realize my mistakes which I commited while running leather industry. I will talk to union of workers and resolve the problems as early as possible.
Shanaya made father realize the importance of employees welfare to his father. But the story does not end here .The real problem lies in turning laws in books to laws in action. The private and unorganized sector does not comply to all the rules and regulations strictly. Why skilled labor is moving out of India? Why is brain drain occurring?. As they are paid more and ensues better living and working conditions. laws in India are too much complicated. Harassment of juveniles, bonded labors, migrant workers has posed severe threats to the economic growth. Despite enactment of child labour ( Prohibition and Abolition) Act still child labors are being exploited . Sachar committee recommended legislation for inclusion of workers on boards, however, this had not been implemented. Sex discrimination too occurs at work place.
If India wants to raise its bar of economic and inclusive development. Loopholes in turning the enactments to action must be plucked out sincerely and let the employers back employees in realizing their worth in the organization as this will help create a bond between the employer and employee which maintains the stability and credibility at the top. Laws may be flexible and employee friendly to help in retaining them for long and securing the money involved in their training.International labor conventions need to be adhered to in the era of liberalization and globalization in order to head for inclusive economic development.


Sanya , student of class 7th was a bit nervous to go school once.She was being shown her Maths exam sheet that day.She saw it with no amazement as she already knew the result.She could score only seven marks out of fifty but she dared to show the sheet to Parents at home also.She could sense the expressions of her father while seeing her sheet.But her father did not say a single word to her.He immediately wrote a note on the sheet addressing the teacher-” Please tell me who is responsible for this??- Either the parents ,teachers or the student herself…”
This story holds a big importance in the given context that it takes a whole village to raise a child. No development occurs in solace. It is the combined effort of Parents, teachers, family ,friends which takes one to the path of holistic development.The less marks reflected the fault on each part.
Moreover, the child is just like raw soil,what shape has to be given is combined responsibility of society.Good moral values like respect for elders,love for younger , a feeling of sacrifice towards others,determination,commitment , gender parity, a concern for our natural resources and mother earth, sense of belonging for other caste,creed,religions and dealing the complexities of life with a calm mind is all taught by the society itself and developing ones full potential.
As far as good moral values are concerned it is imbibed by the younger generation from their elders.So good behavior of elders always pays.If one is honest in keeping the value of every relationship ,he will get the same from his wards in return and prepare the child to cherish the values of every relationship nicely.Nowadays we often read and hear the news of wards sending their parents to age old homes even least bothered about them. The wards should not be solely blamed for it.They have been transferred the legacy of being least caring for their parents by them only.If the parents would have inherited these values by doing the same result would have been different.
The base of any relationship is commitment ,dedication and a bit of sacrifice for others.A father insulting his wife in front of his son never expect the child to respect him or his mother.A family which treats her daughter equally as that of son sows the seeds of gender equality in the mind of son. The rising discrimination,gender bias,sexual abuses and rapes are all the result of a mindset to consider the girl child an inferior one and subservient which have been cultivated in the minds over a substantial period of time. It is the influences which ones receives from family ,schools ,friends which frames ones personality.
Every entity has its own role to play.A sense of belonging towards our environment and an onus of keeping it secure ,safe and clean also fall on the shoulders of these entities of society.Recently John kerry took her grand daughter to UN forum on climate change for signing the declaration in New York reflected the duty of every nation to potentially work to curb pollution for securing a stable and clean earth for our future generation.As we owe this to coming generations.Again if we teach them to conserve our precious natural resources by taking small steps like conserving water, keeping the surroundings clean by proper disposal of waste .These small steps will have great effect on the younger generation.They will do what they see.
Practices of abhorring others and negating ones responsibility for others would not take one very far.He will be entangled in the cage of self created hatred, intolerance, jealousy and selfish interests.Why the cases of intolerance are at peak today?.Is this not inbuilt by the society and inherited to future generations?. Yes it is ,which is a complete shame on the society as a whole.Why the younger generation is grabbing under depression,aggressivenes ,short temperament?.These are the fruits of tree whose roots are very shallow.Age old myths of caste superiority inbuilt by the society resulted in caste discrimination.The huge burden of expectations by the parents without giving a space for the individual interest is the result of mounting depression these days.Rising cases of suicides among youths like Rohit Vemula and Pratyusha Banerjee is glaring example of that.
A seed is able to grow to a matured tree only after getting proper irrigation,manure,sunlight and regular care.So as the case with our children.It is the proper conditioning of their mind by each entity of society which brings the fruits of ultimate happiness and contentment in their life.It teaches them to handle all complexities of life with a calm mind and high spirit.Faith is inculcated in them by faith only.
Recently i read a story of a women who invited her maid family for dinner in Diwali breaking all shackles of caste ,creed and religion and left a deep mark on her wards because the story was penned down by the daughter of women herself.These small steps may be a big leap for creating a harmonious society and inculcating strong values of love,compassion and concern among younger generation.
Tiny water droplets scattered in the sky after rainfall assume the form of a mesmerizing rainbow only after getting the sun light.These children are too small to be judgemental .Lets empower them with wings of real independence and a magnanimous heart by staying committed to ones duty for other communities and our beloved mother earth.Lets empower them with a vision which may understand the value of love,compassion and concern for others because these three traits only makes or mars ones personality.Lets empower them to feel happy in the success of others too.Its all about cultivating these heavenly traits by proper conditioning and a disciplined environment.As chinese proverb says ” Those who think for a year ,they sow food grains,those who think for a decade they plant fruits,but those who think for generation,they prepare humans.


In famous movie Deewar starring Amitabh Bachchan ,Shashi kapur and Nirupma Rao as mother of duo.Vijay ( Amitabh Bachchan) amassed huge wealth from illegal means and had every luxury at his end. But the moment his mother came to know the source of this huge wealth all trust which she had in him was vanished in few seconds.He could not reconcile his mother for staying with him any more because being a mother it was very hard to accept the reality of his son.She was completely shattered from inside as her extreme trust in his son was shackled.
Why did this happen?.The base of the relationship was false, treachery and a feeling of revenge.The foundation of any relationship whether personal or professional is trust.This trust is emboldened by honesty,truthfulness and commitment in the relationship.The relations between parents and wards,siblings,husband and wife,employer and employee,government and citizens,even international relations of any country follows the same connotations.
Any relationship is to be nurtured first with love, care,concern,commitment,mutual understanding and a shared vision.But nurturing these divine values which strengthen the relationship takes time.Giving space to relations is equally important where one feels free to embark upon his/her due course without any undue stress and expectations.
Growing matrimonial disputes , wards sending their parents to age old homes, youths resorting to addictions all reflects the constrained relations.What is the reason?.Reason is that of “Time” only because today one hardly bothers for giving ones time to others in such a busy competitive life.Time to understand the feeling of others and developing mutual understanding.People are so engulfed with the feeling of insecurity that they fear for granting space to others in relationship resulting suffocating relations and departed ways.Misunderstanding and Suspicion sucks the liveliness of any relationship and it ends in no time.
In professional relations too it is the sincerity of employer and employee towards each other which builds trust in the whole organisation and attains success in the long run.This trust to be reaped consistently with hard work,discipline of employees and welfare policies of the management.Even organisation takes no time in demoting those employees taking long leaves citing no proper reason who had earlier given high performance.Even employees take no time in leaving the organisations for breach of trust and joining other organisations.But for the success this trust has to be ensured consistently among them.
Lets see the relations between government and citizens.The image of government is tarnished due to corruption scandals.Any this is severe breach of trust on the part of government.Because it is the aspirations of honest governance of citizens who voted them to power.A single breach overshadows all the good work done by the government so next time citizens grow more conscious and vote them out from power.
How much demotivating to hear corruption scandals for those whom one admired most?.Recently leak of papers by Panama legal firm Mossac Fosenka unearthed very prominent names from India and abroad.Although its efficacy has to be tested following its confirmation but already it tarnished their wonderful images.Many prominent personalities have also started resigning from their offices after this leak.
Lets understand the given statement by taking India’s foreign policy measures in order to maintain better relations among them.1962 China war was waged after Indian the then Indian Premier J.L Nehru invited chinese counterpart to visit India and allowed him to see its military arrangements too.Chinese PM was quick to sense the shortcomings of India and waged a war later on breaching the very trust of India which India regretted later and thinks thrice before embarking upon any such thing.
Even the relations with Pakistan is tensed due to its breach of trust several times and India has to be very wise in dealing with Pakistan and sense other nations measures too proactively.Recent agreement of US with India regarding patrolling of South china sea must be dealt consciously by India because India has no direct interest with it.And stop becoming a puppet in the hand of others. As India’s relations is normal with China and raising it against would not be a good move again because building trust takes a long time and seconds to break.So India should act in a balanced way seeking its all round interest for the long term.
Trust is indeed magical .It transforms the nature of relationships and usher authenticity to it.No matter how the relations are but may be reaped by a genuine love and concern.Above all it gives a satisfaction of fulfilled life.But every relationship has to manured with commitment and a shared concern which demands time and should be a consistent to maintain a flow because flow is essential for life and stagnation is death.