The Road Accidents -An unending saga

This has really became obnoxious to read news of daily accidents.Precious lives being lost and many others being haunted by reckless driving.We are at the helm of the road rage.
Few days back i read an emotional article by a software engineer girl who lost her only brother while crossing the road.He was struck by a Mercedes being driven by a minor.Who issued license against that minor?.Why repeated drunken driving not being thwarted?.
Traffic rules, policing , issuing of licenses have all been adjusted as according to ones need without realizing its blunders and the ill fate.Situations are far better in metropolis and other big cities. But picture is really bleak and panicking in smaller cities. How the rules are being flouted and how we ourselves make the mockery of the whole system can no where be seen better.
What a great scene when whole road gets blocked by the buses waiting for the passengers!!.At the other corner huge pile of waste.It becomes hard to find which path to go.All the more interesting is the auto journey where the driver plays the music in full volume and passengers loaded like luggage encountering stray animals and passengers shouting,” Arrey bhai dheeme ka volume dheeme karo” But unfortunately every time the plea falls on deaf years.
Sharing my own experience once been in overloaded auto caught by the police officials for challan. In the mean time one police official came and asked auto driver to give only RS 300 and he would not be issuing challan. All the more fascinating was the remark by the police official,” chalo bhai jao ek saal tak tumse koi kuch nahi bolega”…..and the auto moved on.
Such funny incidents happen only in India.This may not be the case of each city of India but i am dead sure it happens in most of the cities.” Jaan ko hatheli par rakh kar ghoome ko ham apni bahaduri samajhtein hain to ye hamari moorkhta hai”(If we feel bravery keeping our lives at peril then this is sheer foolishness and nothing else.)
Every time one becomes a partner of the deep discussions over this trying to blame every thing on the administration and government.We keep flouting the rules and every time blame government for the same. Is this fair?.Is this an honest behavior on our part?.Do we not have any allegiance to such mishappening?.
Yes, we do have.Lets start by our little efforts.Why do not we refuse to sit on overloaded autos and other vehicles.Why do not we see and check the license ourselves before taking any ride on these public vehicles.It all seems foolish but some day this foolishness may prove a great refuge for all of us.In smaller cities one hardly bothers to put helmets for drive.Tripling in two wheeler is common.
What to say more?.Any law is null if not implemented.The onus of implementation lies on us.The success of any system depends on the support system.The support system are we only.This would require a little awareness, perseverance, a committed living and shared responsibility.
We have lost enough now we can not afford to lose more. An internal awakening is needed and we will have to pave the way for a more safe and secure living.One who understands the sorrow of others as his very own.A little compassionate heart, a little awareness , a little will to change the system by becoming a part of it may certainly bring a big transformation.