If one can address moral crisis,many of world’s problems can be solved

Acknowledging the tremendous fruitful technological development of the world is indeed a privilege. But introspection reveals that despite all these developments the world is haunted by the monsters of terrorism, war, communalism, regionalism, sectionalism.Some sections are thriving under extreme poverty,farmers have to bear the brunt of adverse climatic conditions the most often forcing them to commit suicide in wake of deplorable conditions. Another wide ranging problem of women harassment, rape, dowry deaths are crying for our attention.

True development encompasses every aspect of human development where loss of morality can not be negated. What i think the root cause of all these problems is moral degradation.

The unending race for more power, dominance and prestige has taken the world to the stage of violent wars of terrorism.Every now and then the television flashes with the news of terror sometimes in our country India and foreign creating dreadful feeling of fear and an uncertain future.

Moreover the whole human civilization is under severe threat.A bigger picture of problem which needs a bigger vision and a bigger perspective.Because the roots of terrorism are getting quite deeper.Various countries have their own measures to curtail such problems. But some where we are all at fault in finding the right solution perhaps these measures often violent are further propagating terrorism depriving innocent people of their life and creating an uncontrolled chain reaction.

Mother India is too distressed by the disrespect of daughters, mothers, wives sometimes for dowry, sometimes for preserving false honor. Rising cases of rape and objectifying women is indeed very unfortunate. Ravan got the punishment of death sentence by Lord Rama for his sin but today lax law and order , delayed trials and judgement further aggravating the problems of injustices meted to her.

The gap between rich and poor is also pitiable.Recent incident of a man in Orissa carrying the dead body of his wife on foot for funeral with his bitterly crying daughter presents the picture where one is bound to think for dismal situation of sensitivity and very concern for others.Is this civilization or barbarism?. All the facilities and convenience are meant for rich ones leaving the weaker ones to the place where they are is putting several queries of us being humane.

Corruption in service delivery and dilapidated condition of government institutions is mere reflection of obsessive interest to gather more and more money and filling the individual pockets only. Where has gone the vision of commitment and devotion for work?.Why have the people become so myopic?.

Teaching of Vedas and mythological stories have been forgotten. Fetish for money and power has made quite every one blind and those who are becoming part of it by bribing the officials are too strengthening the roots of corruption.

Although the problems are severe but each problem whether national or international too has a prominent solution.Because the onus lies on us the humans being the superior ones.

We need to address the problem of moral degradation which is at the root of every problem.Our soul is needed to be nourished as we are loving and peaceful beings having a genuine concern for others by nature but what caused all these qualities to be shadowed and laying numb.The frustration of non performing and false show of to be blamed. We have forgotten to admire the qualities of honesty, good will, companionship, compassion, magnanimity inclined for serving self interest only.

Recalling the ideals of socialism and mitigating the differences between rich and poor can solve the problem to a great extent.Because inferiority complex and inability to succeed due to lack of resources and opportunities breeds discontent leading youths to deviate in wrong direction.

The family is the first school where the child learns ideals which is to be nurtured throughout their life.The morality is never taught but practiced so parents should themselves become role models for their children by inculcating ideals of honesty, discipline and compassion in their life. If they see father being respectful towards his wife and seeking her advice in taking decisions. The children would definitely develop a feeling of respect towards mothers, sisters, wives. Girls should be treated at par and there should be no gender bias. If given a proper platform India may evolve so many PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik in near future.

International agencies like United Nations should made the world realise the extreme damage caused by moral crisis.Strict actions must be taken against those who adopt the path of terror and violence.The world must realize that no religion is above humanity and we may transcend to a wonderful world of peace if behave morally true.
International Yoga day is a corrective measure in this direction as meditation introduces one with the real self which is loving, peaceful and spiritual. Overemphasis o superficial development may be checked by following the path of meditation and checking ones thought process.

The power of thoughts is tremendous if directed properly may do wonders but if misguided may bring devastation.It is now in our hands to create hell or heaven.
It is collective responsibility to strengthen the moral foundations of society as a whole without which any development is incomplete.Any problem howsoever big can be successfully tackled by strong moral foundations as moral values strengthen the will power and invincible wit which is true companion in hard times.And as it has rightly been quoted by some one…