Earth, Water, Fire, Sky and Air are five vital constituents through which body is made.
Fire has light and energy, both vital for sustenance of life. As a plant grows well receiving sunlight for carrying out photosynthesis but the same plant gets finished on receiving extra sun light. A new born baby is being shown to sun’s rays in the early morning for the vitamin D and for a healthy baby but increased intensity of sun rays leads to tanning and skin cancer. Fire is a good servant but a bad master indeed.
Fire brought significant transformation in the lives of people in the ancient time. When people used to wander here and there in search of hunting animals for food, The fire produced by accidental rubbing of CHINKARA STONES by them helped them to live a stable life. They started cooking and gradually started rearing animals. They also learnt to shape different metal equipment with fire which ultimately been used in agriculture and pottery with the help of fire, all this led to advancement in their life. They advanced towards a more civilized life. In the Vedic era people used to perform Yagya( religious ritual) which holds a significant importance in present times too.
Fire is essential for carrying out metabolism in human beings , photosynthesis in plants and for sustaining the life cycle of every creature on earth. Electricity, transport, communication all has been made possible due to fire only. Most significantly we are able to realize the beauty around us through light .
Moreover there is one more dimension of fire, fire of passion, aspirations and achievements. The belly needs to be ignited with fire of ones passion to improve and succeed. This is fueled by ones commitment, determination, devotion and dedicated efforts.
Fire which is needed for growth is equally responsible for devastation and playing havoc if go uncontrolled. Recent forest fires of Uttarakhand is a glaring example, where animals and human life is adversely affected due to the heavy fire. Light is essential to see but how the increased intensity makes us to shrink eye ball and evading its harmful effects.
While cooking food one has to remain conscious for the limited supply of LPG and check its leakage to ensure a safe food preparation. If fire gives life, it is equally responsible for taking it if go uncontrolled. Few years back in Delhi a full movie auditorium caught fire and this accident took all lives present in the auditorium leaving a great pain for relatives and the society as a whole behind.
Increased intensity of sun’s rays which has been caused due to increased emission of carbon dioxide and chloro fluoro carbons is responsible for enhanced global warming. The fire for material development must be complemented by judicious use of our natural resources. Again if go unchecked this may lead to severe environmental hazards recent drought, delayed Monsoon, unpredictable weather, endangering animal species. Ecological balance is under threat due to uncontrolled fire for superficial development and pleased putting the future of humanity at stake.
Burning of crackers in the festivities of temple in South took some lives and injured many recently under the veil of religious ceremonies. Such incidents need to be checked because religion never teaches us to keep the lives in danger and harm society under its ambit.
Nevertheless the fire of passion is necessary for cherishing ones aspirations but this should be fueled by good moral values and etiquettes for the greater good of humanity. The fire to achieve must be nurtured by a proper counselling and direction. Recent suicide by a girl who qualified in IIT but wanted to pursue humanities is really an unfortunate incident. If this fire is driving the youths to suicide and depressions then surely we need to put a question mark on such fire of passion.
Such extreme steps reflect the sick mindset of youths. Either they are thriving under wrong fire or they do not have that fire. But a girl who got selection in IIT had that fire in her. What led her to take such step?. These issues must be resolved amicably.
Fire needs to be moderated to get the desired results. We can not blame fire for any cause as it is the same fire which sustains life effectively. But the onus lies to one who controls it. If we give a matchstick or a cracker in a child’s hand, it will surely burn him. One needs to be cautious and conscious while dealing with it. Cooking adds taste to the food but overcooking spoils it. Everything is wonderful till is follows necessary norms. Weeds have to be plucked out which grow unnecessarily on the field and sucks the nutrition of the main crop. Dyeing clothes with different colors require controlled fire, ironing of clothes again require uniform temperature and need to be adjusted as according to the variety of cloth. All the beauty of stars present in the sky vanishes before the excessive sun light in the day but how wonderfully they appear in the sky at night again. Planet Mercury has no life only because it is too close to Sun and Neptune too as very far from Sun extremely cold. Nuclear fusion source of Sun’s energy , if goes uncontrolled brings devastating results. Balance and checks are utmost necessary for propelling wholesome growth.


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