Sanya , student of class 7th was a bit nervous to go school once.She was being shown her Maths exam sheet that day.She saw it with no amazement as she already knew the result.She could score only seven marks out of fifty but she dared to show the sheet to Parents at home also.She could sense the expressions of her father while seeing her sheet.But her father did not say a single word to her.He immediately wrote a note on the sheet addressing the teacher-” Please tell me who is responsible for this??- Either the parents ,teachers or the student herself…”
This story holds a big importance in the given context that it takes a whole village to raise a child. No development occurs in solace. It is the combined effort of Parents, teachers, family ,friends which takes one to the path of holistic development.The less marks reflected the fault on each part.
Moreover, the child is just like raw soil,what shape has to be given is combined responsibility of society.Good moral values like respect for elders,love for younger , a feeling of sacrifice towards others,determination,commitment , gender parity, a concern for our natural resources and mother earth, sense of belonging for other caste,creed,religions and dealing the complexities of life with a calm mind is all taught by the society itself and developing ones full potential.
As far as good moral values are concerned it is imbibed by the younger generation from their elders.So good behavior of elders always pays.If one is honest in keeping the value of every relationship ,he will get the same from his wards in return and prepare the child to cherish the values of every relationship nicely.Nowadays we often read and hear the news of wards sending their parents to age old homes even least bothered about them. The wards should not be solely blamed for it.They have been transferred the legacy of being least caring for their parents by them only.If the parents would have inherited these values by doing the same result would have been different.
The base of any relationship is commitment ,dedication and a bit of sacrifice for others.A father insulting his wife in front of his son never expect the child to respect him or his mother.A family which treats her daughter equally as that of son sows the seeds of gender equality in the mind of son. The rising discrimination,gender bias,sexual abuses and rapes are all the result of a mindset to consider the girl child an inferior one and subservient which have been cultivated in the minds over a substantial period of time. It is the influences which ones receives from family ,schools ,friends which frames ones personality.
Every entity has its own role to play.A sense of belonging towards our environment and an onus of keeping it secure ,safe and clean also fall on the shoulders of these entities of society.Recently John kerry took her grand daughter to UN forum on climate change for signing the declaration in New York reflected the duty of every nation to potentially work to curb pollution for securing a stable and clean earth for our future generation.As we owe this to coming generations.Again if we teach them to conserve our precious natural resources by taking small steps like conserving water, keeping the surroundings clean by proper disposal of waste .These small steps will have great effect on the younger generation.They will do what they see.
Practices of abhorring others and negating ones responsibility for others would not take one very far.He will be entangled in the cage of self created hatred, intolerance, jealousy and selfish interests.Why the cases of intolerance are at peak today?.Is this not inbuilt by the society and inherited to future generations?. Yes it is ,which is a complete shame on the society as a whole.Why the younger generation is grabbing under depression,aggressivenes ,short temperament?.These are the fruits of tree whose roots are very shallow.Age old myths of caste superiority inbuilt by the society resulted in caste discrimination.The huge burden of expectations by the parents without giving a space for the individual interest is the result of mounting depression these days.Rising cases of suicides among youths like Rohit Vemula and Pratyusha Banerjee is glaring example of that.
A seed is able to grow to a matured tree only after getting proper irrigation,manure,sunlight and regular care.So as the case with our children.It is the proper conditioning of their mind by each entity of society which brings the fruits of ultimate happiness and contentment in their life.It teaches them to handle all complexities of life with a calm mind and high spirit.Faith is inculcated in them by faith only.
Recently i read a story of a women who invited her maid family for dinner in Diwali breaking all shackles of caste ,creed and religion and left a deep mark on her wards because the story was penned down by the daughter of women herself.These small steps may be a big leap for creating a harmonious society and inculcating strong values of love,compassion and concern among younger generation.
Tiny water droplets scattered in the sky after rainfall assume the form of a mesmerizing rainbow only after getting the sun light.These children are too small to be judgemental .Lets empower them with wings of real independence and a magnanimous heart by staying committed to ones duty for other communities and our beloved mother earth.Lets empower them with a vision which may understand the value of love,compassion and concern for others because these three traits only makes or mars ones personality.Lets empower them to feel happy in the success of others too.Its all about cultivating these heavenly traits by proper conditioning and a disciplined environment.As chinese proverb says ” Those who think for a year ,they sow food grains,those who think for a decade they plant fruits,but those who think for generation,they prepare humans.



  1. Hi Jaya,
    1. Intro- Nice.
    2. second para- last me, you came up with a very long sentence. Breaks the flow. Overall, idea was nice.
    3. Comma pe dhyan do jaya, they are making it a difficult read. Keep a tab on where you have to put a comma.
    4. third para- ‘elders’ was the word used by you. Make it clear that you are talking in the context of parents of the child respecting their own parents. Elders me to koi bhi aa sakta hai,
    5. in the third as well as fourth para- u talked about family only. Village me to aur bhi log aayenge. Mention them explicitly.
    6. In the 5th para- Kerry’s example was apt. But here you see language problem was there a bit and also its the example of a grandfather. Village ko highlight karne ke liye u need to mention people other than the extended family.
    7. Sixth para (y)- idea is very nice. Bas make the language a bit easy. Dont take the names of people; mention them by their field of work instead.
    8. Last two paragraphs were awesome.
    Just make sure if you are concentrating yourself to the matter of literal meaning of the quote, bring out other members of the society who have a profound impact on child, EXPLICITLY; like teacher, a sweeper of the colony, your home maid, you neighbors, children with whom he plays outside, school staff, anyone.
    And child can also be taken as a dream which requires collective effort (village). I have tried this in mine. Have a look and let me know how far is it correct or not.
    All the best šŸ™‚

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