In famous movie Deewar starring Amitabh Bachchan ,Shashi kapur and Nirupma Rao as mother of duo.Vijay ( Amitabh Bachchan) amassed huge wealth from illegal means and had every luxury at his end. But the moment his mother came to know the source of this huge wealth all trust which she had in him was vanished in few seconds.He could not reconcile his mother for staying with him any more because being a mother it was very hard to accept the reality of his son.She was completely shattered from inside as her extreme trust in his son was shackled.
Why did this happen?.The base of the relationship was false, treachery and a feeling of revenge.The foundation of any relationship whether personal or professional is trust.This trust is emboldened by honesty,truthfulness and commitment in the relationship.The relations between parents and wards,siblings,husband and wife,employer and employee,government and citizens,even international relations of any country follows the same connotations.
Any relationship is to be nurtured first with love, care,concern,commitment,mutual understanding and a shared vision.But nurturing these divine values which strengthen the relationship takes time.Giving space to relations is equally important where one feels free to embark upon his/her due course without any undue stress and expectations.
Growing matrimonial disputes , wards sending their parents to age old homes, youths resorting to addictions all reflects the constrained relations.What is the reason?.Reason is that of “Time” only because today one hardly bothers for giving ones time to others in such a busy competitive life.Time to understand the feeling of others and developing mutual understanding.People are so engulfed with the feeling of insecurity that they fear for granting space to others in relationship resulting suffocating relations and departed ways.Misunderstanding and Suspicion sucks the liveliness of any relationship and it ends in no time.
In professional relations too it is the sincerity of employer and employee towards each other which builds trust in the whole organisation and attains success in the long run.This trust to be reaped consistently with hard work,discipline of employees and welfare policies of the management.Even organisation takes no time in demoting those employees taking long leaves citing no proper reason who had earlier given high performance.Even employees take no time in leaving the organisations for breach of trust and joining other organisations.But for the success this trust has to be ensured consistently among them.
Lets see the relations between government and citizens.The image of government is tarnished due to corruption scandals.Any this is severe breach of trust on the part of government.Because it is the aspirations of honest governance of citizens who voted them to power.A single breach overshadows all the good work done by the government so next time citizens grow more conscious and vote them out from power.
How much demotivating to hear corruption scandals for those whom one admired most?.Recently leak of papers by Panama legal firm Mossac Fosenka unearthed very prominent names from India and abroad.Although its efficacy has to be tested following its confirmation but already it tarnished their wonderful images.Many prominent personalities have also started resigning from their offices after this leak.
Lets understand the given statement by taking India’s foreign policy measures in order to maintain better relations among them.1962 China war was waged after Indian the then Indian Premier J.L Nehru invited chinese counterpart to visit India and allowed him to see its military arrangements too.Chinese PM was quick to sense the shortcomings of India and waged a war later on breaching the very trust of India which India regretted later and thinks thrice before embarking upon any such thing.
Even the relations with Pakistan is tensed due to its breach of trust several times and India has to be very wise in dealing with Pakistan and sense other nations measures too proactively.Recent agreement of US with India regarding patrolling of South china sea must be dealt consciously by India because India has no direct interest with it.And stop becoming a puppet in the hand of others. As India’s relations is normal with China and raising it against would not be a good move again because building trust takes a long time and seconds to break.So India should act in a balanced way seeking its all round interest for the long term.
Trust is indeed magical .It transforms the nature of relationships and usher authenticity to it.No matter how the relations are but may be reaped by a genuine love and concern.Above all it gives a satisfaction of fulfilled life.But every relationship has to manured with commitment and a shared concern which demands time and should be a consistent to maintain a flow because flow is essential for life and stagnation is death.



  1. Hey Jaya.
    IMO, Intro was good, but not ur calliber.
    Further, the para next to it, it was devoted more to relationship, and the trust thing was not coming in a clear manner.

    Give a space between paras, as it seems a bit haphazard.

    I guess where u got wrong was that u focused more on the trust part and the second part of the essay seemed a bit neglected (like in the profession waala part too)

    The next three paras (India pakistan, China, Panama, govt and citizens) were apt!

    In short, u started a bit dull and picked up the momentum later on so cheers!

    Just try to give a break between the paras. Also, this one required a better flow imo. Wait for others to review, I am sure you can conclude then πŸ™‚

  2. Hello ji πŸ™‚
    “Growing matrimonial disputes , wards sending their parents to age old homes, youths resorting to addictions all reflects the constrained relations.” — pointing out problems in society shows our awareness of the surroundings.. very good
    more dimensions can be added here
    like why is there a need to develop trust ?
    work on adding more dimensions and sticking to the topic.. and you will fetch great marks πŸ™‚
    even I am striving to do this πŸ˜›
    have a look at mine too
    take care !! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Namita, thanks for reviewing… your points duly noted… will improve and would love to review yours ( sorry for being delayed response as there was connectivity problem).. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Jaya ji πŸ™‚
    Intro is fine, but i dont know if this movie type intro will do its work! examiner might take u very lightly.
    Good philosophy u provided early on πŸ™‚
    Words like suck etc should be avoided IMO.
    You can write it as Sino-India war.
    One more thing, aap examples side by side bhi connect kar skti thi upar se hai jab philosophy di aapne
    thoda dimension ko aur increase karna padega! i too vaise missed in it, aapne to dekh hi lia hai mere essay me!
    but overall its good! more practice will make ur game more strong πŸ™‚
    Keep writing sister! happy studies πŸ™‚

  4. Hello Ji, my views-
    – Kya filmy style me entry maari hai-Waah !
    – depicting that “years are not being spent in building trust” with the element of “time” was a good way of presentation
    – you have used a lot many GS- portion which has given depth to the essay but try to make the write up a bit interesting
    – you can add a lot of dimensions in this essay like why it takes years to build and seconds to break; greater emphasis has been placed on importance of trust and hazards of breach
    – solutions for keeping the trust alive can be provided
    – try to bring a proper balance of GS and philo in every paragraph
    Rest is OK but needs improvement πŸ™‚

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