A family in Lebanon residing near by piling garbage made their life worst .Father said,” I wish my children to take food as they are consuming medicines .I wish fresh air for them to survive.” Finally they resort to go war stricken Syria by saying that here our death is certain but in Syria , there is possibility of survival at least.
This is real story published in The Hindu few days back. It depicted very clearly the importance of cleanliness in life.Even the problem of piling garbage and unsanitary conditions poses more threats than terrorism.As it invites deadly infectious diseases which makes ones body and mind weak ultimately generating bad health which cripples the economy too because good health is the passive agent for strong economy of a nation.
Cleanliness is next to godliness as it gives purity and peace to mind.It heals the mind and body by invigorating it with clean positive vibrations for oneself and others too.Cleanliness empowers ones will power for turning to actions with full potential.It organizes ones personality and enhances scope for better learning simultaneously motivating others to follow suit.
How a clean ,tidy uniform of a school boy naturally attracts the attention of teachers?.Teachers become bound to pay extra care and attention to the boy.As every one likes the positive vibes created by cleanliness.It generates an eternal aura.Similarly a woman who keeps her house neat and tidy is called Goddess Laxmi.
Now the question comes how to inculcate the practices of cleanliness and a sense of commitment towards the surroundings.A clean house, a clean environment and a clean society powered by clean minds is the need of the hour.Proper disposal of waste with 3R’s of conservation – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. and even small practices like putting dust in the dustbin contributes a lot.A consciousness should be developed regarding it and elders should be the role models for the children to follow suit.
There is stigma attached to cleaning in India. Those who are indulged in the practices of sweeping the garbage are considered inferior and given a low status in the society.The wages too are very low as compared to foreign countries.In foreign countries people rarely call them due to heavy charge demanded by them and they are being given a very respectable position in the society.
Perhaps this is the cause why do people in India are averse towards keeping their surroundings neat and tidy.Governments Swachch Bharat Mission is indeed a laudable move but it needs a support system. Support system of its citizens and people have to worried for choking drains and piling garbage along the streets making the life difficult.They definitely should come out from the shell of narrow mindedness of keeping their house clean only and refrain from spreading garbage in the locality.
Even this is not sufficient they must participate in recycling and conserving our precious resources for the future generations.Because it is the God only who thinks for the welfare of every one and that’s why cleanliness is compared to godliness considering the benefit of humanity as a whole.It makes one accountable for the environment and animals too. As there are so many animals dying due to the consumption of polythenes dropped on the streets with being bothered about by its consequences.
The situation is really pathetic what one might say . According to reports of a NGO in the primary government schools. Those who have got the government job as sweepers never go for cleaning .They use to heir some people for very less wage in return to go in exchange.But they hardly go for cleaning.The result is a complete shame.Class rooms which are never swept but students who come for studying from the economically deprived sections are asked to do it, toilets are never cleaned hence no one uses it neither the teachers nor the students.One may predict how the situation is adverse for a learning environment because the first lesson in learning is that of cleanliness.
Cleanliness of actions is too necessary because today Indian Administration is facing the problem of unclean acts in severity.Rising corruption,black money and recent leak out of Panama papers which has names of some prominent Indians is an unfortunate act as it demolishes the faith which builds any relationship.
How one may forget the clean and non violent movement of Satyagrah for gaining independence.Despite severe suppression and harsh policies of Britishers ,Gandhi ji never changed his strategy of gaining independence but with each passing day his resolve grew more strong for gaining independence by peaceful manners.Because he knew that nothing is more pious than following peaceful manner of getting independence.
Its true that the one who wants to bring change has too face obstruction and criticism but it is the power of ones clean thoughts which make him not deter against succumbing to.
India has indeed a great human resource which she may turn to its advantage and cherishing all the dreams of a successful nation but need is of proper orientation . we must learn from foreign countries that cleanliness in thoughts and actions brought huge success and satisfaction for them.No nation may progress where the citizens are grabbing with problems of piling garbage,waste generating diseases because it blocks the thinking ability, it circulates around curbing the diseases only but unless and until the root cause would not be addressed nothing substantial would be attained.A conscious citizenry ruled by clean thoughts and actions may do wonders for India in near future but this should be a consistent process because above all it is the emblem of purity of mind
All enduring cleanliness,
Virtue next to godliness,
Easiest,cheapest,needful duty,
To the body ,health and beauty,
Who that’s human would refuse it,
When a little water does it?
( Mary Ane Lamb)


  1. Hey Jaya..
    Flow was good and multidimensional
    Touched upon various current issues too.. Comendable !!
    However I feel “solutions” part is missing.. Like you mentioned the problems and the necessity to correct them.. But how ??
    Need to add that part too..
    Introduction k liye extra marks aapko 😀 😉
    Very good work keep it up !!
    All the best 🙂

    • Thanks Namita for reviewing it dear… but your essay this time really made me your FAN… mai to fan ho gaya… 🙂 :)and yes i will work on solution part certainly… 🙂

      • That is so sweet of you Jaya.. thanks a lot for appreciating.. Your consistency in writing and progressing is an inspiration for me.. god bless you 🙂

      • Yes Namita i need this as this is my second but last attempt so i want to give my best… hota hai ya nahi vo alag baat hai but ek satisfaction to rahega ki maine apne 100% diya… all the best to you too 🙂

  2. Jaya ji, kaise ho? 🙂
    First of all your intro is very cool and catchy! keep it like this! 🙂
    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wala part is a takeaway for me!
    beech me i didnt like foreign country se compare! idk why?( as they are developed may be, thats why)
    baki overall ur essay is very good, nothing much to point out!!
    har baar aap zyada acha likhte ja rhe ho!
    one thing- ye end wala quote yaad rkh paoge? 😀
    rest all is good ma’am!
    review mine too jab b aap free ho! tata 🙂

    • Hello Tahir, achchi hun.
      foreign countries mein itni safai rehti hai na isliye likha vo point….. no need of ma’am Tahir … Jaya daudega… do nnot be formal… as you are from engineering backgroung in multinational companies there is trend of calling by names how so elder the one is.. so i think this trend should be followed here too… isn’t it?? aur apka jarur review karungi… because achcha likhtein hain aap.. a treat to read always.. 🙂

      • Personally i feel ki hme is type se compare nhi krna chahie, as situation naddi different h dono cases me! But if you can justify it, you should always go with it. 😀
        hahaha jaya daudega! Okay ab ni bolunga!
        Thanks Jaya for your kind words 🙂

  3. Hello Jaya- how are you 🙂
    about the essay- flow was good for a major portion but end tak aate aate thoda gadbad ho chala. Like fury said- solutions missing the. Foreign country se compare mat karo and goddess laxmi wala example- kuch connect nahi ho raha. Keep things a bit secular in tone. Flow me dekh jo example tumne le rakhe hain- these are like jumping from one topic to another- current fir history fir solution fir problem- aise dikkat ho jayegi. Keep a structure fir apne aap flow sahi rhega. Ideas were diverse, intro was good.
    You have improved a lot. Keep pushing your limits.
    All the best 🙂

      • Hehe..was out of station yr. kal aayi tab tera msg mila and then i did the late review 😛
        Tention mat liya kar, tera review to fix hai meri list me 🙂

  4. Hey Jaya! First of all very sorry for the late review 😦

    The intro was damn perfect. And the way you wrote it was awesome.
    Again using Reuse, Recycle, Reduce was good as I didn’t see anyone using such a common thing.

    I would like to suggest you on how to write philosophical essays. Always have various interpretations of the keywords mentioned in the topic. For example, the keyword here is “cleanliness” and “godliness”. Now instead of considering godliness to be proximity to GOD or a spiritual element in it, try to interpret it in different ways like “goodness”, , “Ethical”, “morality”, “Righteous”, “harmony”, “peace”… that way you can use many dimensions and give ur philo part a boom. And always back your philosophy with example. ( I see that you have backed the examples very well so cheers 🙂

    Further, use the syllabus for the dimensions too. It can have many dimensions like in social you can say cleaning of the patriarchal mindset,Cleaning the caste menace, Political you may say cleaning the bad practices of involving religion in politics as even our preamble talks of “panthnirpeksha” and not “dharmnirpeksha”… Cleaning the coal usage (critical technology of cleaning coal)

    The conclusion is apt, but try to use the conclusion after the quote, so that the reader doesn’t conclude the writeup to have no conclusion (As I concluded from a review on my essay) . It was a good essay, try to diversify 🙂

    • Thanks a loads Nitish… no sorry please…….points suggested by you are really worth,will take care about these in my future write ups…Thanks once again Nitish.. 🙂

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