Essence of life lies in being honest.Honesty towards oneself, towards ones work, towards ones relationships adds dimensions to a holistic life.Honesty is directly proportional to the success in life.Here policy refers to the norm which becomes the indispensable part of the life.Honesty naturally comes to habit if followed conscientiously.
” Honesty” begins with self.Being honest to self meant holding pious and pure thoughts.As it is the potential of thoughts only which frames ones overall personality.Rising above the negative thoughts of anger,greed ,jealousy grants wings of freedom and assists one in realizing and experiencing the true beauty.True beauty residing in self, its true potential and efficacy.Beauty of every thing around us.
The beauty of nature,its varied creatures is surely a bliss which may be experienced by being honest , not being overpowered by restless thoughts which deviates oneself from remaining focused,agile,vibrant and vigilant.
Honesty towards ones work is indeed a hall mark of super success.Putting our best in anything we do is honesty. Honesty while playing,while studying,while doing daily chores becomes essential for getting a sense of accomplishment.And again it is the focus,attention and a feel of responsibility which brings contentment.Some one has rightly quoted that work while you work ,play while you play,that is the way to be happy and gay.
In any game.on the play ground, the feeling of winning gets emboldened by remaining honest. One should be honest in realizing his shortcomings and play smartly.Rather it is the honesty of whole team which matters in the long run. Only one Virat kohli is not sufficient for winning but it is the team effort and cool captaincy of Mr. Dhoni which helped India win.Honest efforts always pay.
Abhinav Bindra olympic gold medalist despite adding so many laurels to his name knows the importance of honesty.It is the honesty which helps one to work more not getting complacent for the previous achievements.
How one may remain honest while studying?.Internalizing,summarizing,analyzing and putting ones view point is the key.Success in any competitive examination is the result of honesty and dedication.
Honesty has indeed a great potential.Last year UPSC topper Ira Singhal proved her mettle that no disability may block the path of success if one is truly honest ,determined and committed to the goal.
Honesty while remaining in any profession be it teacher,doctor,engineer,politician,administrator is the need of the hour.The prevalent corruption is really sucking the spirit of very institutions.
Doctors prescribing costly medicines,administrators taking huge bribes working to gain political favor,corrupt politicians accepting money for asking questions in the Parliament and prominent businessman eloping to foreign countries without setting huge debt taken from the bank is really very pathetic.It dwindles the faith of common man in the very institutions.
This behavior corrodes divine features of transparency and accountability.This dishonest behavior generates a feeling of sheer discontentment and may aggravate the problems severely.
See the dilapidated infrastructure of government institutions.Its disgusting indeed but individuals taking government jobs have every luxury at their end maintaining a very nice house etc. Where are all the funds missing?. why is government functioning is so impoverished and delayed?.
The answer lies in being dishonest and mismanagement of fund allocated.This very issue needed to be dealt seriously.
” An honest person howsoever poor he may be, is equal to a level of an emperor in the human society”
Compare the respect and dignity one gets in the human society by remaining honest and truthful.Honesty do pay in the long run. One might go short of funds at times but space in the heart of others and a sense of respect towards him by others would definitely compensate that .
One rickshaw puller once returned the purse to a foreigner in Varanasi which fell while he was alighting from rickshaw is a wonderful gesture of honesty. Although he was poor but knew the importance of honesty.This left a remarkable effect on the foreigner, raised the image of India as a whole.Whenever he comes to India he meets with that rickshaw puller and brings gift for him.
A successful person is honest in his each role whether son,father,husband etc.He equally cares for every relationship and maintains a fine balance.An honest person never counts and compares the advantage of relationships.
Its disgusting to see the sons sending parents to age old homes or being violent towards spouse at times by a slight provocation by the parents reflecting dubious and dishonest behavior.
Honesty in relationships is all about providing space to each relationship remaining calm and happy while cherishing the very ideals of a successful relationship.
But there are situations too where acts of honesty do harm.If one sees a hungry poor boy stealing a piece of bread, one must not report it to the owner.Because if reported small poor boy would have to face the wrath of his innocent theft.Instead one must go and try to redress the problems of that boy. Hunger kills the ability to think.Why do not we pursue for a society where no one is hungry,without clothes and without house?
This is possible where every one is empowered to tackle with ones miseries in the long run.But honesty is the small answer to a very big problem.We may bring smile on every face by remaining honest at our position without promoting dishonest acts.Success,happiness and honesty runs parallel.Success becomes feasible in the task we undertake,relations we cherish and motives we aspire only if we remain stuck to the very policy of honesty .It may be a difficult a bit but respect we get in exchange is tremendous.If we want India to be recognized as a super power in the near future we must abide by the path of honesty.If we remain committed to the goals ,whole world would like to accompany us in this journey of eternal success.


  1. Brilliantly written Jaya! I couldn’t find any flaw in this one. You are surely back with a bang! πŸ™‚

    Let others review too. as for me, this was just what I would expect. Perfect philo and examples (Only that I don’t like mentioning UPSC and the toppers examples in essays,which is my personal opinion)

    Please review mine too πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Jaya, my views-
    Intro ko make it more strong. It was flat.
    Refrain from taking particular names.
    flow and structure was missing this time. Kahin kahin pe examples me honesty ki justification missing thi; like in the last wo old age wala. Children are not dishonest but irresponsible.
    Feel free to differ. All the best πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Jaya ma’am! i think jaya ma’am bulana hi theek hai!! Seriously in dilemma :/
    1) Intro- not so cool. You can give a quote or something to make it interesting in the beginning and then continue with philosophy later.
    2) Mjhe Ira singhal wala smjh nhi aaya kik how disability wala part is related to honesty. Even everyone, if he/she is honest in their efforts, will always be successful sooner or later.( Kailash Satyarthi ka example yha acha aa skta tha- his cause for children) πŸ™‚
    3) Dont write doctors and politicians, Write it as “some doctors”/ “some politicians”
    4) Ye foreigner walqa scene mere saath bhi hua! An Autowala gave me back my wallet 2 years back, So, well connected πŸ™‚
    5) Flow this time is very good than pervious essay i must say! But one thing- there is no quote today. why? you always fit them very nicely.
    Overall a very nice essay this time.Liked it. And mene nhi likha hai so no review is baar aapki side se πŸ˜€
    Keep writing Jaya! πŸ˜€

      • Thanks Jaya if u think so! πŸ™‚
        I’m a bit lazy and mjhe zyada appealing nhi laga essay so!! but next time pkka likhunga! Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Good one Jaya !
    You covered diverse aspects.. honesty in sports was a different example
    you connected things well
    I liked reading it.. πŸ™‚
    No suggestions this time.. your each essay sets a new benchmark for you πŸ˜‰ keep up the excellent work !
    and yes I didn’t write this time.. take care πŸ™‚

  5. hi jaya
    it was a great essay by you.
    its good to mention about the exams (which i did), but do not mention about the toppers.
    nice example on sport, even i mentioned in my essay though not on dhoni.
    overall it was smooth reading.
    only flaw was the ending od the ssay. it could have been much better with some positive inducements and motivational things.

    please review mine as well. πŸ™‚

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