Sanya , student of class 7th was a bit nervous to go school once.She was being shown her Maths exam sheet that day.She saw it with no amazement as she already knew the result.She could score only seven marks out of fifty but she dared to show the sheet to Parents at home also.She could sense the expressions of her father while seeing her sheet.But her father did not say a single word to her.He immediately wrote a note on the sheet addressing the teacher-” Please tell me who is responsible for this??- Either the parents ,teachers or the student herself…”
This story holds a big importance in the given context that it takes a whole village to raise a child. No development occurs in solace. It is the combined effort of Parents, teachers, family ,friends which takes one to the path of holistic development.The less marks reflected the fault on each part.
Moreover, the child is just like raw soil,what shape has to be given is combined responsibility of society.Good moral values like respect for elders,love for younger , a feeling of sacrifice towards others,determination,commitment , gender parity, a concern for our natural resources and mother earth, sense of belonging for other caste,creed,religions and dealing the complexities of life with a calm mind is all taught by the society itself and developing ones full potential.
As far as good moral values are concerned it is imbibed by the younger generation from their elders.So good behavior of elders always pays.If one is honest in keeping the value of every relationship ,he will get the same from his wards in return and prepare the child to cherish the values of every relationship nicely.Nowadays we often read and hear the news of wards sending their parents to age old homes even least bothered about them. The wards should not be solely blamed for it.They have been transferred the legacy of being least caring for their parents by them only.If the parents would have inherited these values by doing the same result would have been different.
The base of any relationship is commitment ,dedication and a bit of sacrifice for others.A father insulting his wife in front of his son never expect the child to respect him or his mother.A family which treats her daughter equally as that of son sows the seeds of gender equality in the mind of son. The rising discrimination,gender bias,sexual abuses and rapes are all the result of a mindset to consider the girl child an inferior one and subservient which have been cultivated in the minds over a substantial period of time. It is the influences which ones receives from family ,schools ,friends which frames ones personality.
Every entity has its own role to play.A sense of belonging towards our environment and an onus of keeping it secure ,safe and clean also fall on the shoulders of these entities of society.Recently John kerry took her grand daughter to UN forum on climate change for signing the declaration in New York reflected the duty of every nation to potentially work to curb pollution for securing a stable and clean earth for our future generation.As we owe this to coming generations.Again if we teach them to conserve our precious natural resources by taking small steps like conserving water, keeping the surroundings clean by proper disposal of waste .These small steps will have great effect on the younger generation.They will do what they see.
Practices of abhorring others and negating ones responsibility for others would not take one very far.He will be entangled in the cage of self created hatred, intolerance, jealousy and selfish interests.Why the cases of intolerance are at peak today?.Is this not inbuilt by the society and inherited to future generations?. Yes it is ,which is a complete shame on the society as a whole.Why the younger generation is grabbing under depression,aggressivenes ,short temperament?.These are the fruits of tree whose roots are very shallow.Age old myths of caste superiority inbuilt by the society resulted in caste discrimination.The huge burden of expectations by the parents without giving a space for the individual interest is the result of mounting depression these days.Rising cases of suicides among youths like Rohit Vemula and Pratyusha Banerjee is glaring example of that.
A seed is able to grow to a matured tree only after getting proper irrigation,manure,sunlight and regular care.So as the case with our children.It is the proper conditioning of their mind by each entity of society which brings the fruits of ultimate happiness and contentment in their life.It teaches them to handle all complexities of life with a calm mind and high spirit.Faith is inculcated in them by faith only.
Recently i read a story of a women who invited her maid family for dinner in Diwali breaking all shackles of caste ,creed and religion and left a deep mark on her wards because the story was penned down by the daughter of women herself.These small steps may be a big leap for creating a harmonious society and inculcating strong values of love,compassion and concern among younger generation.
Tiny water droplets scattered in the sky after rainfall assume the form of a mesmerizing rainbow only after getting the sun light.These children are too small to be judgemental .Lets empower them with wings of real independence and a magnanimous heart by staying committed to ones duty for other communities and our beloved mother earth.Lets empower them with a vision which may understand the value of love,compassion and concern for others because these three traits only makes or mars ones personality.Lets empower them to feel happy in the success of others too.Its all about cultivating these heavenly traits by proper conditioning and a disciplined environment.As chinese proverb says ” Those who think for a year ,they sow food grains,those who think for a decade they plant fruits,but those who think for generation,they prepare humans.



In famous movie Deewar starring Amitabh Bachchan ,Shashi kapur and Nirupma Rao as mother of duo.Vijay ( Amitabh Bachchan) amassed huge wealth from illegal means and had every luxury at his end. But the moment his mother came to know the source of this huge wealth all trust which she had in him was vanished in few seconds.He could not reconcile his mother for staying with him any more because being a mother it was very hard to accept the reality of his son.She was completely shattered from inside as her extreme trust in his son was shackled.
Why did this happen?.The base of the relationship was false, treachery and a feeling of revenge.The foundation of any relationship whether personal or professional is trust.This trust is emboldened by honesty,truthfulness and commitment in the relationship.The relations between parents and wards,siblings,husband and wife,employer and employee,government and citizens,even international relations of any country follows the same connotations.
Any relationship is to be nurtured first with love, care,concern,commitment,mutual understanding and a shared vision.But nurturing these divine values which strengthen the relationship takes time.Giving space to relations is equally important where one feels free to embark upon his/her due course without any undue stress and expectations.
Growing matrimonial disputes , wards sending their parents to age old homes, youths resorting to addictions all reflects the constrained relations.What is the reason?.Reason is that of “Time” only because today one hardly bothers for giving ones time to others in such a busy competitive life.Time to understand the feeling of others and developing mutual understanding.People are so engulfed with the feeling of insecurity that they fear for granting space to others in relationship resulting suffocating relations and departed ways.Misunderstanding and Suspicion sucks the liveliness of any relationship and it ends in no time.
In professional relations too it is the sincerity of employer and employee towards each other which builds trust in the whole organisation and attains success in the long run.This trust to be reaped consistently with hard work,discipline of employees and welfare policies of the management.Even organisation takes no time in demoting those employees taking long leaves citing no proper reason who had earlier given high performance.Even employees take no time in leaving the organisations for breach of trust and joining other organisations.But for the success this trust has to be ensured consistently among them.
Lets see the relations between government and citizens.The image of government is tarnished due to corruption scandals.Any this is severe breach of trust on the part of government.Because it is the aspirations of honest governance of citizens who voted them to power.A single breach overshadows all the good work done by the government so next time citizens grow more conscious and vote them out from power.
How much demotivating to hear corruption scandals for those whom one admired most?.Recently leak of papers by Panama legal firm Mossac Fosenka unearthed very prominent names from India and abroad.Although its efficacy has to be tested following its confirmation but already it tarnished their wonderful images.Many prominent personalities have also started resigning from their offices after this leak.
Lets understand the given statement by taking India’s foreign policy measures in order to maintain better relations among them.1962 China war was waged after Indian the then Indian Premier J.L Nehru invited chinese counterpart to visit India and allowed him to see its military arrangements too.Chinese PM was quick to sense the shortcomings of India and waged a war later on breaching the very trust of India which India regretted later and thinks thrice before embarking upon any such thing.
Even the relations with Pakistan is tensed due to its breach of trust several times and India has to be very wise in dealing with Pakistan and sense other nations measures too proactively.Recent agreement of US with India regarding patrolling of South china sea must be dealt consciously by India because India has no direct interest with it.And stop becoming a puppet in the hand of others. As India’s relations is normal with China and raising it against would not be a good move again because building trust takes a long time and seconds to break.So India should act in a balanced way seeking its all round interest for the long term.
Trust is indeed magical .It transforms the nature of relationships and usher authenticity to it.No matter how the relations are but may be reaped by a genuine love and concern.Above all it gives a satisfaction of fulfilled life.But every relationship has to manured with commitment and a shared concern which demands time and should be a consistent to maintain a flow because flow is essential for life and stagnation is death.


A family in Lebanon residing near by piling garbage made their life worst .Father said,” I wish my children to take food as they are consuming medicines .I wish fresh air for them to survive.” Finally they resort to go war stricken Syria by saying that here our death is certain but in Syria , there is possibility of survival at least.
This is real story published in The Hindu few days back. It depicted very clearly the importance of cleanliness in life.Even the problem of piling garbage and unsanitary conditions poses more threats than terrorism.As it invites deadly infectious diseases which makes ones body and mind weak ultimately generating bad health which cripples the economy too because good health is the passive agent for strong economy of a nation.
Cleanliness is next to godliness as it gives purity and peace to mind.It heals the mind and body by invigorating it with clean positive vibrations for oneself and others too.Cleanliness empowers ones will power for turning to actions with full potential.It organizes ones personality and enhances scope for better learning simultaneously motivating others to follow suit.
How a clean ,tidy uniform of a school boy naturally attracts the attention of teachers?.Teachers become bound to pay extra care and attention to the boy.As every one likes the positive vibes created by cleanliness.It generates an eternal aura.Similarly a woman who keeps her house neat and tidy is called Goddess Laxmi.
Now the question comes how to inculcate the practices of cleanliness and a sense of commitment towards the surroundings.A clean house, a clean environment and a clean society powered by clean minds is the need of the hour.Proper disposal of waste with 3R’s of conservation – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. and even small practices like putting dust in the dustbin contributes a lot.A consciousness should be developed regarding it and elders should be the role models for the children to follow suit.
There is stigma attached to cleaning in India. Those who are indulged in the practices of sweeping the garbage are considered inferior and given a low status in the society.The wages too are very low as compared to foreign countries.In foreign countries people rarely call them due to heavy charge demanded by them and they are being given a very respectable position in the society.
Perhaps this is the cause why do people in India are averse towards keeping their surroundings neat and tidy.Governments Swachch Bharat Mission is indeed a laudable move but it needs a support system. Support system of its citizens and people have to worried for choking drains and piling garbage along the streets making the life difficult.They definitely should come out from the shell of narrow mindedness of keeping their house clean only and refrain from spreading garbage in the locality.
Even this is not sufficient they must participate in recycling and conserving our precious resources for the future generations.Because it is the God only who thinks for the welfare of every one and that’s why cleanliness is compared to godliness considering the benefit of humanity as a whole.It makes one accountable for the environment and animals too. As there are so many animals dying due to the consumption of polythenes dropped on the streets with being bothered about by its consequences.
The situation is really pathetic what one might say . According to reports of a NGO in the primary government schools. Those who have got the government job as sweepers never go for cleaning .They use to heir some people for very less wage in return to go in exchange.But they hardly go for cleaning.The result is a complete shame.Class rooms which are never swept but students who come for studying from the economically deprived sections are asked to do it, toilets are never cleaned hence no one uses it neither the teachers nor the students.One may predict how the situation is adverse for a learning environment because the first lesson in learning is that of cleanliness.
Cleanliness of actions is too necessary because today Indian Administration is facing the problem of unclean acts in severity.Rising corruption,black money and recent leak out of Panama papers which has names of some prominent Indians is an unfortunate act as it demolishes the faith which builds any relationship.
How one may forget the clean and non violent movement of Satyagrah for gaining independence.Despite severe suppression and harsh policies of Britishers ,Gandhi ji never changed his strategy of gaining independence but with each passing day his resolve grew more strong for gaining independence by peaceful manners.Because he knew that nothing is more pious than following peaceful manner of getting independence.
Its true that the one who wants to bring change has too face obstruction and criticism but it is the power of ones clean thoughts which make him not deter against succumbing to.
India has indeed a great human resource which she may turn to its advantage and cherishing all the dreams of a successful nation but need is of proper orientation . we must learn from foreign countries that cleanliness in thoughts and actions brought huge success and satisfaction for them.No nation may progress where the citizens are grabbing with problems of piling garbage,waste generating diseases because it blocks the thinking ability, it circulates around curbing the diseases only but unless and until the root cause would not be addressed nothing substantial would be attained.A conscious citizenry ruled by clean thoughts and actions may do wonders for India in near future but this should be a consistent process because above all it is the emblem of purity of mind
All enduring cleanliness,
Virtue next to godliness,
Easiest,cheapest,needful duty,
To the body ,health and beauty,
Who that’s human would refuse it,
When a little water does it?
( Mary Ane Lamb)


Essence of life lies in being honest.Honesty towards oneself, towards ones work, towards ones relationships adds dimensions to a holistic life.Honesty is directly proportional to the success in life.Here policy refers to the norm which becomes the indispensable part of the life.Honesty naturally comes to habit if followed conscientiously.
” Honesty” begins with self.Being honest to self meant holding pious and pure thoughts.As it is the potential of thoughts only which frames ones overall personality.Rising above the negative thoughts of anger,greed ,jealousy grants wings of freedom and assists one in realizing and experiencing the true beauty.True beauty residing in self, its true potential and efficacy.Beauty of every thing around us.
The beauty of nature,its varied creatures is surely a bliss which may be experienced by being honest , not being overpowered by restless thoughts which deviates oneself from remaining focused,agile,vibrant and vigilant.
Honesty towards ones work is indeed a hall mark of super success.Putting our best in anything we do is honesty. Honesty while playing,while studying,while doing daily chores becomes essential for getting a sense of accomplishment.And again it is the focus,attention and a feel of responsibility which brings contentment.Some one has rightly quoted that work while you work ,play while you play,that is the way to be happy and gay.
In any game.on the play ground, the feeling of winning gets emboldened by remaining honest. One should be honest in realizing his shortcomings and play smartly.Rather it is the honesty of whole team which matters in the long run. Only one Virat kohli is not sufficient for winning but it is the team effort and cool captaincy of Mr. Dhoni which helped India win.Honest efforts always pay.
Abhinav Bindra olympic gold medalist despite adding so many laurels to his name knows the importance of honesty.It is the honesty which helps one to work more not getting complacent for the previous achievements.
How one may remain honest while studying?.Internalizing,summarizing,analyzing and putting ones view point is the key.Success in any competitive examination is the result of honesty and dedication.
Honesty has indeed a great potential.Last year UPSC topper Ira Singhal proved her mettle that no disability may block the path of success if one is truly honest ,determined and committed to the goal.
Honesty while remaining in any profession be it teacher,doctor,engineer,politician,administrator is the need of the hour.The prevalent corruption is really sucking the spirit of very institutions.
Doctors prescribing costly medicines,administrators taking huge bribes working to gain political favor,corrupt politicians accepting money for asking questions in the Parliament and prominent businessman eloping to foreign countries without setting huge debt taken from the bank is really very pathetic.It dwindles the faith of common man in the very institutions.
This behavior corrodes divine features of transparency and accountability.This dishonest behavior generates a feeling of sheer discontentment and may aggravate the problems severely.
See the dilapidated infrastructure of government institutions.Its disgusting indeed but individuals taking government jobs have every luxury at their end maintaining a very nice house etc. Where are all the funds missing?. why is government functioning is so impoverished and delayed?.
The answer lies in being dishonest and mismanagement of fund allocated.This very issue needed to be dealt seriously.
” An honest person howsoever poor he may be, is equal to a level of an emperor in the human society”
Compare the respect and dignity one gets in the human society by remaining honest and truthful.Honesty do pay in the long run. One might go short of funds at times but space in the heart of others and a sense of respect towards him by others would definitely compensate that .
One rickshaw puller once returned the purse to a foreigner in Varanasi which fell while he was alighting from rickshaw is a wonderful gesture of honesty. Although he was poor but knew the importance of honesty.This left a remarkable effect on the foreigner, raised the image of India as a whole.Whenever he comes to India he meets with that rickshaw puller and brings gift for him.
A successful person is honest in his each role whether son,father,husband etc.He equally cares for every relationship and maintains a fine balance.An honest person never counts and compares the advantage of relationships.
Its disgusting to see the sons sending parents to age old homes or being violent towards spouse at times by a slight provocation by the parents reflecting dubious and dishonest behavior.
Honesty in relationships is all about providing space to each relationship remaining calm and happy while cherishing the very ideals of a successful relationship.
But there are situations too where acts of honesty do harm.If one sees a hungry poor boy stealing a piece of bread, one must not report it to the owner.Because if reported small poor boy would have to face the wrath of his innocent theft.Instead one must go and try to redress the problems of that boy. Hunger kills the ability to think.Why do not we pursue for a society where no one is hungry,without clothes and without house?
This is possible where every one is empowered to tackle with ones miseries in the long run.But honesty is the small answer to a very big problem.We may bring smile on every face by remaining honest at our position without promoting dishonest acts.Success,happiness and honesty runs parallel.Success becomes feasible in the task we undertake,relations we cherish and motives we aspire only if we remain stuck to the very policy of honesty .It may be a difficult a bit but respect we get in exchange is tremendous.If we want India to be recognized as a super power in the near future we must abide by the path of honesty.If we remain committed to the goals ,whole world would like to accompany us in this journey of eternal success.