Once Napolean Bonaparte in his early teens met an astrologer.He asked Naploean to show him his palm and he would tell him about his fortune.Seeing his hand , he remained silent for a while than told Napolean that you were a poor guy who had no line of fortune in his hand.At that very moment Napolean took out a knife and made a fortune line in his palm.Although it seems a bit exaggerated but Napolean became a great military commander through his rare combination of will,intellect and physical vigour.He rose to prominence during french revolution and his campaigns are studied world wide in military schools.

Above story reflects the importance of being brave.Howsoever difficult the situations may be but winners see the positive side.They overcome troubled waters with patience,perseverance and priority.

“Vah path kya pathik kushalta kya jisme bikhre shool na ho”

” Ek Navik ki dhairya kushalta kya jab dharayein pratikool na ho”

( Skill of any traveler r may be tested by the presence of thorns in it.What may be said about the patience of a boatman if the waves are not in opposite direction.)

We have plethora of examples which prove that fortune favors the bold.There are two category of persons.First category of those who really work hard with maturity,patience and consider the troubles as opportunities to grow compete with it gracefully and win.Second are those who always blame destiny and fortune for their failures and crisis.

Fortune comes to individuals who recognize opportunity and seize it.It is the strength of ambitions that take people from obscurity to command ones fate and fortune.

A P J Abdul Kalam is a shining name who inspired the youths world wide for his commitment towards his work.An educationist,a scientist, a philanthropist,People’s President who really helped millions changing their mindsets.He belonged to a very humble origin where one hardly thinks for achieving something remarkable.But it was the honesty,dedication,sacrifice and above all a vision that helped him achieving this remarkable feet.`

Where there is will there is way provided one does not bow down before troubles.Every time one stumbles he should stand to fight the situation with double positive spirit.Recalling an example of a security guard whose whole day went in saluting civil servants of the campus wished to become one.He bravely took the decision of civil services preparation,strength of his ambitions paid when last year he qualified the higly competitive IAS exam.His brevity of thoughts and actions paved the way for a great fortune.

Desiring and deserving runs parallel.Even physical impairment of bodily organs can not deter the individual in fulfilling ones aspirations. A boy who had no hands learnt the art of drawing with his toes and recently launched an exhibition of his masterpieces which was admired world wide.A boy who lost his both legs in an accident did not succumb to it but instead fought with the disability prepared for IIT and qualified the coveted exam and put the example before others.

Sometimes for achieving something extra ordinary one is made to face the extremities and wrath of fate.Quoting example of Louis Braille who was among the brightest of his siblings.Once he was playing in his fathers farm where sharp tools were kept.While playing he unknowingly wounded his eyes and lost his eyesight.Destiny has planned for it for the innovation of Braille script which worked as a magical tool for billions of visually challenged persons across the world.And his name became eternal in the annals of history.

So such is the strong power of thoughts and actions.No circumstances,no disability,no stigmas,no social and economic paucity may check the progress of any one provided he fights it with brevity and vast good fortune would come along his way.What is required is wings of fire and undeterred spirit of exploring,innovating and treading the path of unknown.Summing up with a thought of James Corbett-

Fight one more round. When your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the centre of the ring, fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard, fight one more round. When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired you wish your opponent would crack you one on the jaw and put you to sleep, fight one more round – remembering that the man who always fights one more round is never whipped.”-

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  1. Hey Jaya Ma’am! Sorry, me aapko jaya jaya bolta raha! Aap to thode badde ho! 🙂
    I have already reviewed this essay, please do review mine today wala!
    Your friend- Tuktuk!
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      • Okay Ma’am! 🙂
        aapne jo khud nhi likha hota,wo aap zyada acha review ka skte ho kyunki aapne pre-assumptions nhi banaye hote phle se! Caste system wala ka dena 🙂

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