We have grown listening the story of a tortoise and a rabbit.Tortoise been slow but steady won the race but rabbit been lethargic and inconsistent lost the race.But a little change is needed in this story for attaining success in present world which is emboldened by increased aspirations,expectations and vandalising stress. One must understand the meaning of smart hardwork,utilising opportunities timely and attaining eternal success with indefatigable effort and rigorous practice.
There are ample examples which may substantiate the statement.Oprah winfrey once an introvert and stammering girl in her childhood became world renowned orator only because she understood her shortcomings timely and started working upon them knowing the art of effective communication can be learnt with decisiveness and keenness to accept personal responsibility.
Once two parrots were encaged with their feathers cut in a big cage.From there parrots saw others birds chirping happily and enjoying flying in the open sky.Gradually their feathers came but one parrot realised that and slowly started flapping its wings who gradually learnt the art of flying. Once cage was mistakenly left open, utilising the opportunity that parrot opened its wings and just skipped from the cage. The other parrot who did not know the art of flying despite the presence of wings just simply watched the other parrot flying in the sky .So such is the reality of life where every one is blessed with something extraordinary but the need is to timely realise and own the necessary potential with practice.
How harsh the realities may be but it is the undeterred will to succeed which matters at the end.Mistakes are natural but with each mistake one learns something new and reform.Its better to confront the realities whatever be with courage,integrity,intelligence and a holistic vision. Malala Yusufjahi from Pakistan was quick to realise the importance of girls education and won the race by wining Nobel peace prize with Kailash Satyarthi of India.Despite the firing of bullet at her by Taliban protagonist ,she did not lose her heart but with each passing day along with her treatment ,her commitment became stronger and she became the face of women empowerment of today.
Success as an individual depends upon how much we are sucsessful in our personal relations and how much we are adept professionally.But again this statement holds a great value.Timely love , care,attention makes any relation strong and deep.One needs to be quick in realising the responsibilities and act upon.Any wound may be healed with oinment of love, focussed attention and giving time to relationships.But magnanimity should not be taken for granted and supposed as weakness.Still India being a patriarchal society although situation is changing gradually but those who do not value relations, dignity of a women and try to impose unnecessary commands over her should be dealt strongly.There is no place of weakness. Weakness is death.Women should come out with drudgery of thoughts but feel empowered to tackle any situation with full confidence for wining the race of life.Myanmar democratic leader Aung sung su ki really proved her mettle by coming out with flying colors in recent elections despite being imprisoned for so many years.
For profesional success its punctuality and sustainability of efforts which counts because on a bigger front success is a journey not a destination.Any exam however small or big may be passed with fine qualities of smart hard work meeting out the deadlines,.But do not forget to ask are you enjoying the work , if the answer is yes ,one is certainly on the right path.
All the great revolutions of the past be it Indian Independence movement,French revolution,Russian revolution ,it became successful due to consistency in efforts to keep the zeal of independence ignited and shredding out the chains of oppression and sheer injustice.Why some nations secured vast success despite limited resource like Singapore is a matter of great admiration.These nations just provided the much needed direction for the holistic development with better use of available resources and gained much progress compared to other countries.What PM Modi ji witnessed during his visit to Japan last year is worth sharing.There is more learning without spending long hours in teaching as students are getting acquainted with empirical and experimental approach to efficiently meet the demands of any job.Every one is an early riser there,there morning starts from 4 am sharp so definitely they are few hours advance than those countries whose citizens do not rise that much early.
Any policy should be framed taking in to account the need of the hour and fully devising it with resources to sustain it for a bigger success. What are we witnessing in India ?.Policies are there but every time its execution suffers a setback due to inability to sustain it. Swach Bharat Abhiyan promised for toilents in each rural house but it ended up becoming storehouses of dirt ultimately blocking its further use.So a deeper approach to sustain the above changes as how to keep it clean, induction of more safai karmacharis by the government etc.should be taken in to account.Recently budget speech by Arun Jaitley ji depicted lack of clear strategies for attaining the goals of green economy where no allocation of funds for preserving the current forests and wetlands. No bigger funds for promoting R& D . So i hope that all these flaws would be tackled in successive budget discussion in the parliament before its final approval.
Rabbits have too become smart they no more take rest in todays race. They know the importance of consistency and smart hard work.They are wining the race these days. Realising the need of the hour one needs to recognise his strength and weakness and augmenting the personality with necessary skills to attain a full fledged success.Just preparing to win the greater race of life with a better coordination,communication and control.Jago Bharat Jago !! ( Be awakened!!)

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  1. hey jaya,

    it was a good essay.
    i think you need a bit structuring in the essay.
    conclusion could be mush better, and it should not start with abruptness, like in your last para.
    flow was good.
    sentence framing and follow up is not very good and somewhere connection seemed lost. like your second or third line in first para.
    the budget thing at the last could be handled much better.
    examples are good.

    i am sure you will improve much as you write more.
    take a review at mine as well.

    and yes i have subscribed to your blog 😀

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