Sattvik , a cute and decent boy of class 3rd was made to feel low for writing slow, for untidy work and not being attentive in the class by the teachers.He seemed a bit lost and he too started smiling less frequently.The golden childhood was getting lost somewhere.Once school principal managed to take EVS in the class.She observed the writing pattern of the boy and found the features similar to a dyslexic child.She called up her parents and asked for the proper treatment.Parents realizing the seriousness of the issue took him to the doctor and after some period of proper care and treatment ,Satvik started improving by leaps and bounds.
A simple story which depicts how often people criticize others without ever knowing the circumstances undergone by them.We are quick to categorize our relationships and label people as miser,selfish,short tempered,foolish,dumb.But we fail to recognize the causes behind it.
Have we ever realized that behind the misery lies the financial crunch which the person been facing since his childhood?,Have we ever realized that a short tempered child has been the victim of quarrels between his parents?,Addictions of youth are often the result of negligence and deprivation of love.
Before criticizing a man ,we must walk a mile in his shoes.Putting ourselves in their position and developing a sense of understanding helps strengthen the bonding between the individuals and grants space to others.
I recall English vinglish movie where the daughter always criticizes her mother for not being able to speak in English and take advantage of it every time,taking her mother for granted every time.Without ever realizing the emotions of mother being hurt.If that girl would have put her in mother’s place,she would have found her mother performing commendable job managing every thing superbly despite less knowledge of English and fulfilling her duties responsibly.
This is human tendency to criticize without ever considering the causes behind.often people blame government failing in governance not checking inflation,poverty, intolerance.But we fail to recognize the efforts of government in wake of our confined judgement.We end up blaming government for all the ills but fail to credit it for the positives.
Have we ever tried to put ourselves in the government position ,no because we need not.As we want to remain at the receiving end only,not taking onus of a responsible citizen by performing our dues and becoming a part of successful governance.
The same applies to government also. Government was quick to declare students of JNU as anti national on charges of sedition labelled against them without ever knowing the details behind anti India slogans.limiting the free speech in veil of sedition is not at all justifiable.What circumstances,who abetted them to raise slogans must be given attention before framing them under sedition.
Blame game would not lead anyone any where.Pan singh Tomar was an athlete and joined Indian army, but what led him resort to path of violence and plunder.Before labeling him with any title it is worth to know that his family members were murdered in a property dispute.His voice was not addressed but suppressed and crushed abetted him to take another form for making his voice heard.
But if every one would start opting this way for making his voice heard ,the only result would be devastation and huge destruction.What i want to convey is that before forming opinion before others we must look in to the struggles and situations they met.
For developing a broader outlook one must put oneself exactly in the same position to get acquaintance with the real picture.Success as an individual,as a state,as a nation in the era of globalization very much depends on the perception one has for others simultaneously giving proper space to others.For getting a holistic view one needs to see from other perspective as well for a better conclusion.Making fun for others for being short in height and for being unemployed but before taking the pleasure make sure how it feels like if you being mocked down and laughed at.Developing empathy for others instead of seeing the differences ,one must cherish the similarities.let them feel empowered too and progress.In order to empathize with others, it’s crucial to set aside your biases and generalizations, in order to see behind the façade.Empathy can be learnt and it is never too late to learn.
” You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view,until you climb in to his skin and walk around in it.”



Caste System is a curse whose roots are indeed deep in Indian society which is being irrigated by the blood of innocents which bears the fruits of hatred,discrimination, discontentment,isolation and a disintegrated society.
Casteism propagated the concept of upper caste and lower caste.Earlier it was the work which used to define ones caste or Varna.But gradually the birth in a particular family used to define the caste.Honour killing, reservations are some prominent features of burgeoning casteism in India.
Killing of a Dalit boy for allegedly marrying a high caste girl in TamilNadu is really pathetic.The feeling of casteism became too strong and irresistible that it did not hesitate to take a precious life in the name of false honor.Every now and then we hear similar stories of honor killing.
This casteism is an endurable curse which has tried to limit love,feeling of oneness,gave birth to inferiority complex breeding discontentment and depression.
What morality and ethics may be taught to the children if parents of a Brahmin family propagate Brahminvaad and not letting their wards to touch the feet of those whose caste considered lower to them crushing all the aspects of good behavior and paying respect.
My brother is preparing for IIT in a coaching institute in Lucknow.He asked a Harijan boy who used to remain busy in his phone, to concentrate on studies as examination was soon approaching .His answer left him really astounded.He told that being an Sc i want only 100 to get a seat in NIIT.
The mindset due to cast based reservations has checked the real progress where merit is being compromised.Efficiency is put at stake..Nevertheless the seeds of segregation being sowed among the students just after 12th.
See how easily it sowed the seeds of animosity between friends.But real picture begins after getting admission in professional institutions where reserved category students have to cope up with increased burden of studies and manage.But generally they succumb to lose the race and seem disgusted and disappointed. In more extreme cases they resume to death. So who is to blame for this? Is this not casteism?.
But again the matters are politicized . The blame comes on faculty for neglecting a Dalit student.Political big wigs start playing their so called game of vote banks luring communities on parochial lines of caste, community.
Why the real cause is left unaddressed?.The benefits of reservation are not reaped by the ones who really need it.What a travesty?.Is this sort of reservation on caste lines not compromising with intellect,quality of work ?
How can a police officer belonging to a reserve category,securing less marks may ever catch a thief(general) who became one albeit securing more marks but could not get through the same competition?.This is what happening in India’s government jobs.
Delayed and imperfect work,corruption, even questions are raised on public service commissions of state to recruit the individuals on caste lines favored by the government.Even the head of education departments and important commissions were chosen on caste lines negating the eligibility criteria and other norms showing so much descrepancy in their work culture.
Our leaders are misguided by caste based politics.On the other side we talk of inclusive development.How is it possible till the society is segregated by ill concepts of caste,creed ,religion?
Casteism has left deep scars on Indian society which is equally painful.This is a social stigma which deprives one to follow his true conscience.We must learn from the history where Shri Ram eaten the berries tasted by a lower caste woman Shabri.Once Satyavaadi Harish Chandra worked under a lower caste man .
So caste is only superficial no religion is bigger than humanity,love, compassion.It is really unfortunate to seek political patronage over caste.Our social reformers have done enough but now we have to open our eye of conscience to deal with ravages of casteism.Political leaders by abdicating shallow caste based politics and becoming torch bearers of society.Letting others feel empowered is heavenly.Why to confine and restrict definition of progress. Schemes like mid day meal is admirable but a change in the mindset of people by the combined efforts of civil society,government and citizens may work wonders to eradicate this so called caste evil. Lets taste the fruits of a true egalitarian society and experience its beauty.


Once Napolean Bonaparte in his early teens met an astrologer.He asked Naploean to show him his palm and he would tell him about his fortune.Seeing his hand , he remained silent for a while than told Napolean that you were a poor guy who had no line of fortune in his hand.At that very moment Napolean took out a knife and made a fortune line in his palm.Although it seems a bit exaggerated but Napolean became a great military commander through his rare combination of will,intellect and physical vigour.He rose to prominence during french revolution and his campaigns are studied world wide in military schools.

Above story reflects the importance of being brave.Howsoever difficult the situations may be but winners see the positive side.They overcome troubled waters with patience,perseverance and priority.

“Vah path kya pathik kushalta kya jisme bikhre shool na ho”

” Ek Navik ki dhairya kushalta kya jab dharayein pratikool na ho”

( Skill of any traveler r may be tested by the presence of thorns in it.What may be said about the patience of a boatman if the waves are not in opposite direction.)

We have plethora of examples which prove that fortune favors the bold.There are two category of persons.First category of those who really work hard with maturity,patience and consider the troubles as opportunities to grow compete with it gracefully and win.Second are those who always blame destiny and fortune for their failures and crisis.

Fortune comes to individuals who recognize opportunity and seize it.It is the strength of ambitions that take people from obscurity to command ones fate and fortune.

A P J Abdul Kalam is a shining name who inspired the youths world wide for his commitment towards his work.An educationist,a scientist, a philanthropist,People’s President who really helped millions changing their mindsets.He belonged to a very humble origin where one hardly thinks for achieving something remarkable.But it was the honesty,dedication,sacrifice and above all a vision that helped him achieving this remarkable feet.`

Where there is will there is way provided one does not bow down before troubles.Every time one stumbles he should stand to fight the situation with double positive spirit.Recalling an example of a security guard whose whole day went in saluting civil servants of the campus wished to become one.He bravely took the decision of civil services preparation,strength of his ambitions paid when last year he qualified the higly competitive IAS exam.His brevity of thoughts and actions paved the way for a great fortune.

Desiring and deserving runs parallel.Even physical impairment of bodily organs can not deter the individual in fulfilling ones aspirations. A boy who had no hands learnt the art of drawing with his toes and recently launched an exhibition of his masterpieces which was admired world wide.A boy who lost his both legs in an accident did not succumb to it but instead fought with the disability prepared for IIT and qualified the coveted exam and put the example before others.

Sometimes for achieving something extra ordinary one is made to face the extremities and wrath of fate.Quoting example of Louis Braille who was among the brightest of his siblings.Once he was playing in his fathers farm where sharp tools were kept.While playing he unknowingly wounded his eyes and lost his eyesight.Destiny has planned for it for the innovation of Braille script which worked as a magical tool for billions of visually challenged persons across the world.And his name became eternal in the annals of history.

So such is the strong power of thoughts and actions.No circumstances,no disability,no stigmas,no social and economic paucity may check the progress of any one provided he fights it with brevity and vast good fortune would come along his way.What is required is wings of fire and undeterred spirit of exploring,innovating and treading the path of unknown.Summing up with a thought of James Corbett-

Fight one more round. When your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the centre of the ring, fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard, fight one more round. When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired you wish your opponent would crack you one on the jaw and put you to sleep, fight one more round – remembering that the man who always fights one more round is never whipped.”-


We have grown listening the story of a tortoise and a rabbit.Tortoise been slow but steady won the race but rabbit been lethargic and inconsistent lost the race.But a little change is needed in this story for attaining success in present world which is emboldened by increased aspirations,expectations and vandalising stress. One must understand the meaning of smart hardwork,utilising opportunities timely and attaining eternal success with indefatigable effort and rigorous practice.
There are ample examples which may substantiate the statement.Oprah winfrey once an introvert and stammering girl in her childhood became world renowned orator only because she understood her shortcomings timely and started working upon them knowing the art of effective communication can be learnt with decisiveness and keenness to accept personal responsibility.
Once two parrots were encaged with their feathers cut in a big cage.From there parrots saw others birds chirping happily and enjoying flying in the open sky.Gradually their feathers came but one parrot realised that and slowly started flapping its wings who gradually learnt the art of flying. Once cage was mistakenly left open, utilising the opportunity that parrot opened its wings and just skipped from the cage. The other parrot who did not know the art of flying despite the presence of wings just simply watched the other parrot flying in the sky .So such is the reality of life where every one is blessed with something extraordinary but the need is to timely realise and own the necessary potential with practice.
How harsh the realities may be but it is the undeterred will to succeed which matters at the end.Mistakes are natural but with each mistake one learns something new and reform.Its better to confront the realities whatever be with courage,integrity,intelligence and a holistic vision. Malala Yusufjahi from Pakistan was quick to realise the importance of girls education and won the race by wining Nobel peace prize with Kailash Satyarthi of India.Despite the firing of bullet at her by Taliban protagonist ,she did not lose her heart but with each passing day along with her treatment ,her commitment became stronger and she became the face of women empowerment of today.
Success as an individual depends upon how much we are sucsessful in our personal relations and how much we are adept professionally.But again this statement holds a great value.Timely love , care,attention makes any relation strong and deep.One needs to be quick in realising the responsibilities and act upon.Any wound may be healed with oinment of love, focussed attention and giving time to relationships.But magnanimity should not be taken for granted and supposed as weakness.Still India being a patriarchal society although situation is changing gradually but those who do not value relations, dignity of a women and try to impose unnecessary commands over her should be dealt strongly.There is no place of weakness. Weakness is death.Women should come out with drudgery of thoughts but feel empowered to tackle any situation with full confidence for wining the race of life.Myanmar democratic leader Aung sung su ki really proved her mettle by coming out with flying colors in recent elections despite being imprisoned for so many years.
For profesional success its punctuality and sustainability of efforts which counts because on a bigger front success is a journey not a destination.Any exam however small or big may be passed with fine qualities of smart hard work meeting out the deadlines,.But do not forget to ask are you enjoying the work , if the answer is yes ,one is certainly on the right path.
All the great revolutions of the past be it Indian Independence movement,French revolution,Russian revolution ,it became successful due to consistency in efforts to keep the zeal of independence ignited and shredding out the chains of oppression and sheer injustice.Why some nations secured vast success despite limited resource like Singapore is a matter of great admiration.These nations just provided the much needed direction for the holistic development with better use of available resources and gained much progress compared to other countries.What PM Modi ji witnessed during his visit to Japan last year is worth sharing.There is more learning without spending long hours in teaching as students are getting acquainted with empirical and experimental approach to efficiently meet the demands of any job.Every one is an early riser there,there morning starts from 4 am sharp so definitely they are few hours advance than those countries whose citizens do not rise that much early.
Any policy should be framed taking in to account the need of the hour and fully devising it with resources to sustain it for a bigger success. What are we witnessing in India ?.Policies are there but every time its execution suffers a setback due to inability to sustain it. Swach Bharat Abhiyan promised for toilents in each rural house but it ended up becoming storehouses of dirt ultimately blocking its further use.So a deeper approach to sustain the above changes as how to keep it clean, induction of more safai karmacharis by the government etc.should be taken in to account.Recently budget speech by Arun Jaitley ji depicted lack of clear strategies for attaining the goals of green economy where no allocation of funds for preserving the current forests and wetlands. No bigger funds for promoting R& D . So i hope that all these flaws would be tackled in successive budget discussion in the parliament before its final approval.
Rabbits have too become smart they no more take rest in todays race. They know the importance of consistency and smart hard work.They are wining the race these days. Realising the need of the hour one needs to recognise his strength and weakness and augmenting the personality with necessary skills to attain a full fledged success.Just preparing to win the greater race of life with a better coordination,communication and control.Jago Bharat Jago !! ( Be awakened!!)