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DREAMS WHICH SHOULD NOT LET INDIA SLEEP Dreams define the dimensions of progress provided beautified with necessary efforts.I am blessed to be born as an Indian which has been a place of diverse re…

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Dreams define the dimensions of progress provided beautified with necessary efforts.I am blessed to be born as an Indian which has been a place of diverse religions,culture,language, which has always been a promoter of bonhomie and birthplace of great luminaries which enlightened the whole world with their thoughts and actions.No place other than India which preferred human relations instead of material possessions ,magnanimity and egalitarianism in the whole world.
When a child is born. So many dreams also takes birth with him.And the parents devote their whole life in order to fulfill those dreams combined with the efforts of that child.For dreams to be cherished weakness and strength of the child is being considered,a workable plan is made and gradually shortcomings are overcomed.
So is the case with India although India is a unique place but for making it India of my dreams a lot is needed to be done.I dream my India to be a world leader in thoughts,actions and aspirations.I dream my India to be a fully egalitarian where no gender bias,intolerance and dreaded acts of violence towards specific sections of society exists,where every individual is empowered with good health,sanitation,food security,education,awareness and employment.I dream my India where each farmer is empowered ,no more suicides by him and a real smile of prosperity at his face.I dream my India to be a corruotion free society where meritocrcy should become the defining world for development.Abolition of all those hackneyed view and obscurantism which has limited the progress of India in true terms.Where the three pillars of governance ,executive ,administrative and judiciary work in an impartial manner and in cohesion to address the needs of common man promptly.
But for making these dreams true, a holistic and inclusive approach is needed where freedom of expression should be taken as genuinely granted for wider platform of development despite becoming a tool of politics and sedition.
Gender bias and acts of intolerance has really crippled the real development of India.Janani janmabhumish swargadapi garyasi( the place of mother and motherland is paramount, greater than heaven).How may we talk and dream of a holistic development without improvement in the condition of women?. Female infanticide,dowry system,domestic violence,Dev Dasi pratha,which really question the dignity of women needed to be checked.According to a recent survey by an international agency India is not a safe place for women.So such type of reports are indeed a great worry.India ranks far below in measuring happiness index too because where the women is supressed and her emotion are crushed how may one aspire for higher rankings in happiness index?.How may one sleep if somewhere the sobbings of females are silently heard.Indeed some legislations like anti dowry act, act agaist Devdasi pratha, Inheritance of property to girls, Beti bachao beti badhao is a luadable move but all legislations should be implemented in its true letter and spirit.
A hungry stomach can not think for progress.So issues of health for all, sanitation, food security by way of scientific farming,improvement in farmers condition by way of least dependence on mansoon for farming,their education,awareness of govenment schemes and fair public distribution system is crying for attention.Impoverished sections needs are needed to addressed so that they may be included in the mainstream of development.No dream will be fully cherished if such sections are deprived of education,employment, skill training etc because poverty pushes one to be involved in sin and it drags them to become anti social elements.India is home to one of the richest persons in the whole world but what the utility if equitable distribution is a distant dream.Pain of negligence is very deep so for a true development new avenues are needed to be created.A lot is being done in this direction but its sustainability is to be ensured.
Corruption is really sucking the zeal and enthusiasm of governance.Its demoralising for the common man who has to face its wrath every now and then.I dream my India to be corruption free where the citizenry no more sees their short term benefits for getting their work done.A will is needed to be emboldened for uprooting it.I dream for that day when India’s name would be a top name in most honest countries of the world.
All those policies which are age old and want change needed overhauling for the greater development.The criteria of providing reservation should be given a serious thought without becoming a tool of vote politics.
I dream my India to be a world leader in teaching the whole world the imporatnce of life skills,respect for building relationships, love and compassion for making it deeper and stronger.When Swami Vivekanand addressed the public in world religion summit in Chicago as brothers and sisters the whole public was swayed away by these magical and charismatic words of Vivekananda ji and the whole auditorium was filled with echo of claps.This legacy of friendship which our ancestors have transfered with an undeterred faith on us to be carried further must be passed on.
I dream my India not to be a hollow face of virtual development devoid of importance of care and touch.Scientific and technological developments are indded laudable but the bond of care and real communication (face to face ) should not be restricted to the use of internet,skype etc. A concern for environment,ecology and making this world a better place to live.India should come out with smarter ways of green development for curbing pollution and population both.
Dream of creating a social condition where each and every individual has the possibility and power to embark upon the road of unlimited growth.It is necessary to free people from wants,hunger and exploitation which deprive them of equal chances.But we have to ensure ushering life to these dreams with a stronger commitment on the part of citizens,government and civil society.We are the soul of India lets make all thes dreams by wholeheartedly working on it because where there is will there is way.Need is to enthuse these dreams with an unending spirit to come out with flying colours.All the best India of my dreams!!