Resolution for the year 2014


     A very very happy new year to all with fresh zeal,enthusiasm and once again very fresh resolutions.But before heading for new have we accomplished the resolutions of past?.It would not be a folly to restart those unaccomplished resolutions before heading for new.Rise gradually follow simply.Break your yearly resolutions in months, week ,days and sum up.Start your day with a resolution for that particular day.Things do happen, dreams do get fulfilled.But are you enjoying this journey or not?.If not we need to check our instincts.Present year would definitely be fruitful but only when we can potently change.Feel free to judge oneself and get inspired to do experiments.

Choice and dream can never be unconventional.The journey starts with beautiful hours compiled with undeterred spirit.When you give and protect the dignity of others.A little more loving,compassionate,charitable and pure,When we cherish the pious sanctity of being humane.It is not the journey where you run with a tinge of competition .Its that path where one should not learn to lead only but running positively with your companions.It is not only wining the race but being able to clap for the victory of others too.Its a journey where one should enjoy the defeat as well as victory as defeat always teaches us more.

The beautiful rainbow of happiness is just a few miles away but we need to know how to remove clouds of uncertainty and sorrow.Feel free to make resolutions but a little predictable and authentic only reviewing ones performance.



With good luck and good will

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