Assembly elections of Delhi – AAP THE POSITIVE CHANGE

Finally the message is absolutely clear after the declaration of poll results in Delhi that the people want CHANGE and they want to contribute towards it too.AAP having no any political background came out with flying colors indeed not in full majority but the numbers are really praiseworthy.The manifesto of AAP is indeed revolutionary.It totally forbids any Ministerial facilities so as to be the real representative of the common man.Who says that honesty does not pay in present times?.

I totally support the cause and mission of Aam Admi Party.Anyone who wants change and transformation in the system has to be a part of it only fast unto death and gatherings would not do anything.For initiating, definitely one has to be a part of it.

Arvind Kejriwal would have earned lots of money and perks remaining in civil service but he left for a better cause to be followed.His message is clear although he faced stiff resistance too but he proved where there is will there is way at last.I appreciate his grit and gumption and obviously his determination of sacrifice.

I also applaud his decision of sitting in opposition and not to go for coalition.Because for the very cause he is fighting for should not be dissolved at all.This would work too.People would learn to go for complete majority in future.

I urge to all the citizens of India,”BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT”.Dire need of young talent in politics.So if anyone asks what would you like to be never hesitate to be a politician.Politics is not dirty.It has been made so.Always set your standards high.Be a visionary.



2 thoughts on “Assembly elections of Delhi – AAP THE POSITIVE CHANGE

  1. this indeed is revolutionary… a party that came up in the last 6 months has made a big impact securing 27 seats…seems like people believe that Mr.Kejriwal can lead.. congrats to delhi people. .they have selected a great opposition..

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