Mighty Pen but weak writing

Writing lands you on the paths sometimes known but not understood and sometimes completely unknown but very well understood.Writing evokes our emotions and sometimes act as soother.It is that beautiful amazing garden where each variety of fruit is planted on a single tree but for tasting it we need an open mind and sensitive heart.It makes oneself his best friend making every ride joyful.

Writing is lifelong journey,a passion to behold and cherishing ones individuality.Its a mirror of society.For it should be unbiased and obviously free from fear.

Recent cases of filing cases against those girls of Mumbai who expressed their feelings against Shiv Sena  on facebook and a poet in UP too has to undergo too much pressure from the ruling SP government when he posted something against it.Fear limits very importance of writing.It diminishes its authenticity.

But “writing” for the sake of writing merely is of no worth.It definitely puts a question mark on its truthful nature.Follow what you write.The glaring example of Tarun Tejpal  who has been a staunch supporter of women empowerment through his writings is a complete shame a big blot on the society.So “jab rakshak hi bhakshak ban jatein hain”……… then who to believe and whom to follow?.

Should we stop believing and reading newspapers ,stop seeing the television etc etc. because at this juncture the pillars of these seems to stand on corruption,falsehood  because paid news is not a closed chapter.Often newspapers entertain the articles of famous personalities  just for maintaining the newspaper standard.This so called false legacy is carried over and again.

This society would discourage you always by the legacy it always follow.It would try to shake your soul but do not discourage yourself keep on doing what you love.Because for the real actors it is not necessary to come on screen. A lot can be done remaining behind the scene.Because only you know your true worth and place you are being made.


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