Why only fair is lovely?

Why only fair is lovely?
Television advertisements are flooded with creams and facials which make ones complexion fair and all girls go crazy for being more fair more beautiful.If the girl is born wheatish the day people start commenting,’ek to ladki paida hui hai vo bhi kali’.The day her marriage is fixed they go for expensive facial packages.I strictly abhor this sick mentality.I am not against fashion or maintaining oneself but i am against that guilty of being unfair,short,and fat which girls fail to embrace happily.Accept yourseif the way you are girls but not merely accept keep cherishing it always.Never be a victim of colour bias.You first reject those proposals where fair skin colour is being asked.Injustices are done to women only because they accept without condemning it.

I was watching Dance India Dance yesterday and a girl despite a wonderful performance choreographed by Master Geeta was nominated,the reason being she had put on extra weight.Why in film industry too good looking girls preffered?Because our own society expects the same.Acting is secondary.I would definitly admire Bharti who has learnt to laugh on herself and she proved herself a great comedian because she accepted herself the way she is.Indeed there are few people who can be optimistic towards these.
Recently Shahrukh khan was approached for promoting boys fairness creams by a NGo for blocking it because it was conveying a wrong message to the society.

I recall a real life incident when i was at my friend’s place and we had to attend the reception party in the evening.When my friend got ready for the party putting a very pretty sari her mother-in-law came running taking powder and started rubbing on her both hands.It was indeed her love for my friend but i could not control myself i asked aunty,’What you want to depict?.Is it ‘fairness’ of your bahu.’She replied her bahu would look more nice then.What a beautiful definition of being nice?.I do not understand what is there in show off?..

I must quote the example of first Indian American Ms.Newyork Nina Davuliri crowned Miss America this year giving a big boost to the cultural diversity there.Although some sections were against this decision but if it had been India such a decision would have been a complete big no.Why we Indians are escaping from accepting ourselves?.Forgetting our base,our values.

Now Waris Dirie,one of the fashion world’s most stunning women once had been child of a tribe in Somalian Desert.She lived through heat,drought and deprivation but defeating all hurdles she became a supermodel giving a big inspiration to millions.

What i want to convey is SELF ACCEPTANCE without any ifs and buts.Define you in your own way let not be defined by others.Love yourself truly.ImageImage

Waris Dirie





3 thoughts on “Why only fair is lovely?

  1. Very true…
    Earlier, I had never had the feeling that being dark skinned is a great problem (even when most of the time I was being rejected during marriage proposals). But after marriage, I am continuously consoled that being dark is not at all a problem. Being consoled like this, about a thing that I was least bothered about, I ask myself “Is it really a problem?”. My In-laws love me a lot, and they keep pampering me like their own daughter. I am sure that they do not have a problem with my skin, It is that they always bother to assure me and the society that they never had or have a problem with a dark-skinned daughter-in-law.
    AWKWARD…. right???

    • Unfortunately most in laws are not like yours the greatest fault they make, really beauty lie inside the heart which is eternal.The society must take lesson from others recognising true worth.

  2. Hi Jaya, very thoughtful indeed. Since centuries Man has been trying to fight the bias of racial discrimination and Apartheid. There is a need to keep the issue alive in our hearts and minds. After all ” Hum Kale hain toh kya hua dilwale hain”

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