“Celebrating Innocence”-Happy Children’s Day

Being a mother and previously a teacher, this day holds special importance in my life.Recalling my days in school as a teacher fills my heart with unbound happiness.Those sweet smiles,warm good morning wishes,queries,dance rehearsals,was a complete fun where i too learnt so many fruitful things.These children are really very innocent and eager to learn it depends how to shape them properly.I remember few lines of my Manager sir where i did my schooling,’ Tum mujhe mati do mai tumhe moorti dunga.’

Studies must not be burdened on the students and extra curricular activities should be given due importance.The School should be most wonderful and fun loving place where students learn to enjoy studies.All loopholes of current studies basically devoid of practical knowledge be discarded.The bond between teachers and students should be the most beautiful bond where students learn to obey with love not by fear.

These children are hub of potential and imagination.Their skills and talents must be recognized and motivated.They never talk meaningless but we ourselves can not guess and carve out.Every student is unique, marks should not be the sole criteria for judging them.Comparisons create guilt and heaviness having adverse impact on these little minds.Their ideas must be taken seriously and cherished.I remember a class v boy Kaushik who was not very good in his studies and every now and then scolded by teachers for being very naughty.But one day he left me completely spellbound by his creativity and imagination.He gifted me a beautiful ring made by pencil waste and paper.Another student Ashutosh made me learn to make Dinosaur from paper for school exhibition.

The greatest gift for a teacher is seeing their students excelling in their respective fields and obviously remembering him/her.Few days back when a group of class IX girls came to meet me on Deepawali even after leaving the school for almost more than a year made be feel so special.Thanks for this valuable ” gift of love”  girls.

Cherishing the journey from little to ignited minds………A very very happy Children’s DayImage

2 thoughts on ““Celebrating Innocence”-Happy Children’s Day

  1. feel same here jaya…but i have no words… to explain my feeling as a teacher….teaching job is a great job….daily u feel new n experience….n somewhere see urself in our students…it always gives smile…give chance to live again our childhood life…..

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