Pain of being unheard

I met a girl yesterday she was perturbed and frowned over something.Somehow i started the communication by asking her well being and studies.She was a young girl in the final year of graduation.I asked her the reason of being upset with a little hesitation.But giving a blow to my dismay she spoke.She said ,’ I am afraid of sheer negligence,scoldings, and expectations of my parents.They do not take me out with them.My father does not talk to me never consoles me.I do not want new clothes or any thing i just want to be listened , my emotions pacified and heard.I am afraid of being alone.Being a girl i am not allowed to move out and make friends.My brother has a world outside the home in bad company.” And she started crying bitterly.I tried to calm her but it was not an easy task.

Today’s youth are undergoing with the same dilemma which breeds discontent and an increase in adolescent crimes and causalities.An increase in crime against woman because they have not seen women treated with respect and harmony in their family.Obviously family is the very first school in anybody’s life, sons would respect their mothers and wives if they would see their fathers treating mothers with dignity and respect.

Being a girl never means compromising with ones dreams.Neither their outfits nor living style is responsible for increasing crimes against them.Increasing suicides,violence against women,rapes,bullying are the result of improper upbringing.How many of you are in favor of awarding death sentence?.Would this abolish the said crimes?.So many cases of rape came in to light even after awarding death sentence to those involved in Delhi rape case.Fear of death can not control the number and depth of crimes.

These crimes are linked by the way all are the result of breeding discontent and a deep pain of being neglected.Because pain of being unheard leaves deep scars in ones heart gradually these small scars take the form of most dreaded crimes.These problems are really crying for attention.Parents and teachers need to talk to their children nowhere should be the communication gap.Proper upbringing taking emotional Quotient in to account is must.For the betterment of society one should be more concerned developing morally.

7 thoughts on “Pain of being unheard

  1. I completely agree with the point that death sentence can’t stop the brutal against innocent girls. Only good moral values can stop such acts and its the responsibility of parents that they imbibe these values in kids from the very begining…home being the first school of everyone.
    And the second point you made of course is even more important parents should always create an environment that their kids can speak up their mind , they get encouraged for open discussions and should be praised for being fair and responsible.

    • somewhere i m not agree wid it…there shud b some hard punishment criterion for disrespect of women esp. rape cases….. bcz this is something which shake the whole body of woman…wase b ..those doggies shud should b kill those r mad….for better society.. but not easy death….

      • But the root cause should be taken in to account which can abolish the crimes Sumita and obviously they deserve harsh punishment but merely punishment can not do justifiable.

      • hey sumita,
        i understand your frustration. i also sometimes go through these kind of emotions when things like these happen and when politicians are making the country to ruins. but the way you suggested cannot lead to the results you or i desire.
        root cause which is rotting should be attacked which is certainly not by acquiring harsh means like capital punishments and public hangings or public beating.
        behavioural aspects need to be changed which ultimately means cultural and traditional changes. and hell ya it is difficult and will take time.

  2. Let’s not be too sadistic…at least these festivities bring everyone close ….yes people have forgotten the true reason of celebration and Diwali is only new cloths..mithai and patakha but unknowingly at least for a moment if not everyone ..may be some of us think of win of satya against asataya.

  3. your introduction gripped me into reading this.
    its really sad that the other half of the sex are not as free as men.
    i really wish in our society at least for gender perspective we give more liberties to our women.
    but that to be true we need overhaul of many aspects, which itself will take a long time. acceptance of things and behavioural changes are hard to come by in any society
    thanks for writing this.

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