Diwali or Devastation

What a special Deepawali?.Unfortunately present day Ravanas are also celebrating it because for them it is mere bursting fire crackers,playing cards,enjoying wine and obviously good food.We have really forgotten the essence and particular importance of festivals.We are celebrating it for the sake of festivals.That Ravana was far more better than Ravana.He did not even touch sita but today millions and billions of Ravanas are roaming in disguise.Every now and then sita is being caught and crushed.What to celebrate??? Betrayal,corruption,superstition,depression,hunger or cryings??.I cannot rejoice Deepawali till the security and empowerment of women is guaranteed,if any house is devoid of power supply and basic amenities.Why not to celebrate it in a more prudent way.Pledge to take those lagging behind to walk with us.Never promote injustice of any kind done to women.Pledge to make India country of truth and purity.Purity in thoughts and action.Then we can be eligible to enjoy these festivities in true sense.Image

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